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hal-00107362v1  Journal articles
M. LemaireC. FromentR. BoutrosO. MondésertA. R-Nebrada et al.  CDC25B Phosphorylation by p38 and MK-2
Cell Cycle, Taylor & Francis, 2006, 5 (15), pp.1649-1653
hal-00107367v1  Journal articles
E. SchmittR. BoutrosC. FromentB. MontsarratB. Ducommun et al.  CHK1 phosphorylates CDC25B during the cell cycle in the absence of DNA damage
Journal of Cell Science, Company of Biologists, 2006, 119, pp.4269-4275
hal-00461696v1  Journal articles
J. BlaiseIlian BonevB. MontsarratSébastien BriotM. Lambert et al.  Kinematic Characterisation of Hexapods for Industry
Industrial Robot: An International Journal, Emerald, 2010, 37 (1), pp.79-88