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hal-03023419v1  Book sections
Catherine Pons LelardeuxMichel GalaupDavid PanzoliPierre LagarrigueJean Pierre Jessel. A Method to Design a Multi-player Scenario to Experiment Risk Management in a Digital Collaborative Learning Game
Auer, Michael; Guralnick, David; Simonics, Istvan. Teaching and Learning in a Digital World, 715, Springer, pp.926-935, 2018, Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, 978-3-319-73210-7. ⟨10.1007/978-3-319-73210-7_105⟩
hal-01144166v1  Conference papers
Benoit GaudouChristophe Sibertin-BlancOlivier TherondFrederic AmblardYves Auda et al.  The MAELIA multi-agent platform for integrated assessment of low-water management issues
International Workshop on Multi-Agent-Based Simulation - MABS 2013, May 2013, Minnesota, United States. pp. 85-110, ⟨10.1007/978-3-642-54783-6_6⟩
hal-02012717v1  Conference papers
Nicolas MullerCatherine Pons LelardeuxDavid PanzoliJean Pierre JesselPierre Lagarrigue. Design of Learning Environments for Mechanical Engineering
Proceedings of the76th Manufacturing Engineering Society International Conference, Jun 2017, Vigo, France. pp.1440-1446
hal-01787391v1  Conference papers
Catherine Pons LelardeuxDavid PanzoliPierre LagarrigueJean-Pierre Jessel. Making Decisions in a Virtual Operating Room
17th International Conference on Collaboration Technologies and Systems (CTS 2016), Oct 2016, Orlando, United States. pp. 136-142
hal-02152004v1  Conference papers
David PanzoliCatherine Pons LelardeuxPierre Lagarrigue. Communication and Knowledge Sharing in an Immersive Learning Game
IEEE Conference, 7th International Conference on Games and Virtual Worlds for Serious Applications (VS-Games),, 2015, Skovde, Sweden. pp.108-115, ⟨10.1109/VS-GAMES.2015.7295768⟩
hal-01219906v1  Conference papers
David PanzoliCatherine Pons LelardeuxPierre Lagarrigue. L'interaction et la manipulation d'information dans un learning game immersif et collaboratif
27ème conférence francophone sur l'Interaction Homme-Machine, Oct 2015, Toulouse, France. pp.d02
hal-02055765v1  Conference papers
Nicolas MullerDavid PanzoliMichel GalaupPierre LagarriguePierre Jessel. Learning mechanical engineering in a virtual workshop: A preliminary study on utilisability, utility and acceptability
2017 9th International Conference on Virtual Worlds and Games for Serious Applications (VS-Games), Sep 2017, Athens, France. pp.55-62, ⟨10.1109/VS-GAMES.2017.8055811⟩
hal-02651338v1  Conference papers
David PanzoliCatherine Pons LelardeuxPierre Lagarrigue. Communication and knowledge sharing in immersive learning games.
7th International Conference on Games and Virtual Worlds for Serious Applications (VS-Games 2015), Sep 2015, Skövde, Sweden. pp.1-8
hal-02799928v1  Poster communications
Vincent RivallandGilles BouletMaria Mira SarrioAurore BrutAlbert Olioso. 6 years time-series of estimation and validation of land surface temperature from Landsat 5 & 7 archive on 3 plots of south-west of France
4th International Symposium on Recent Advances in Quantitative Remote Sensing: RAQRS'IV, Sep 2014, Valencia, Spain. 1 p., 2014
hal-02098170v1  Conference papers
Jean-Pierre LagouardeGilles BouletAlbert OliosoOlivier MerlinVincent Simonneaux et al.  L'apport des données spatiales pour la gestion de l'eau en agriculture : vers une mission IRT nouvelle
2e colloque de restitution du TOSCA (Terre Solide, Océan, Surfaces Continentales et Atmosphère), CNES, Mar 2017, Paris, France
hal-02151965v1  Conference papers
Catherine Pons LelardeuxDavid PanzoliMichel GalaupVincent MinvilleVincent Lubrano et al.  3D Real-Time Collaborative Environment to Learn Teamwork and Non-technical Skills in the Operating Room
International Conference on Interactive Collaborative Learning 2016, Sep 2016, Belfast, United Kingdom. pp.143-157, ⟨10.1007/978-3-319-50337-0_12⟩
hal-02661535v1  Journal articles
Rachid HadriaAlbert OliosoBenoit DucheminFrancoise RugetMarie Weiss et al.  Utilisation conjointe du modèle STICS et de données de télédétection optique pour la détermination des pratiques culturales (semis, apports d'azote) en région méditerranéennes
Teledetection, Editions des Archives Contemporaines / Editions scientifiques GB / Gordon and Breach Scientific Publishers, 2010, 9 (2), pp.82-96
hal-02801171v1  Poster communications
Maria Mira SarrioAlbert OliosoVincent RivallandDominique CouraultOlivier Marloie et al.  Atmospheric correction effect on land surface temperatures derived from LANDSAT-7 ETM+ data
4th International Symposium on Recent Advances in Quantitative Remote Sensing: RAQRS'IV, Sep 2014, Valencia, Spain. 4 p., 2014
hal-02042811v1  Conference papers
Catherine Pons LelardeuxMichel GalaupDavid PanzoliPatrick GillesJoaquim Minguella-Canela et al.  Improving mechanical engineering vocabulary through the use of a game
Manufacturing Engineering Society International Conference - MESIC 2017, Jun 2017, Vigo, Spain. pp.1432-1439
hal-03120294v1  Book sections
David PanzoliCathy LelardeuxMichel GalaupPierre LagarrigueVincent Minville et al.  Interaction and Communication in an Immersive Learning Game
Minhua Ma; Andreas Oikonomou. Serious Games and Edutainment Applications, Springer, pp.147-186, 2017, 978-3-319-51645-5. ⟨10.1007/978-3-319-51645-5_7⟩
hal-02740651v1  Conference papers
Gilles BouletBernard MougenotZohra Lili-ChabaanePascal FaniseAlbert Olioso et al.  Evapotranspiration and water stress retrieval performances of single-pixel energy balance models over irrigated and rainfed agricultural crops
RAQRS'IV 4th International Symposium on Recent Advances in Quantitative Remote Sensing, Universitat de València (UV). ESP., Sep 2014, Valencia, Spain