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insu-01183516v1  Conference papers
Donato SummaPaolo Di GirolamoDario StelitanoMarco CaccianiCyrille Flamant et al.  Water vapour intercomparison effort in the frame of HyMeX-SOP1
EGU General Assembly 2014, Apr 2014, Vienna, Austria. pp.id.15176
hal-02109548v1  Conference papers
Eric DeferSylvain CoquillatJean-Pierre PintyJ.-P PintySerge Soula et al.  An Overview Of The Electrical Activity Recorded During Peach
7th European Conference on Severe Storms, Jun 2013, Helsinki, Finland
hal-01819444v1  Journal articles
Nadine ChaumerliacEvelyne RichardRobert Rosset. Mesoscale modeling of acidity production in orographic clouds and rain
Atmospheric Environment. Part A, General Topics, Elsevier, 1990, 24 (6), pp.1573 - 1584. ⟨10.1016/0960-1686(90)90065-U⟩
insu-01140548v1  Conference papers
P. Di GirolamoCyrille FlamantD. SummaDario StelitanoM. Cacciani et al.  Raman lidar measurements in the frame of the HyMeX SOP1
8th HyMeX workshop, Sep 2014, La Valletta, Malta. pp.W2.1
hal-01712969v1  Journal articles
Christine LacPierre ChaboureauValéry MassonPierre PintyPierre Tulet et al.  Overview of the Meso-NH model version 5.4 and its applications
Geoscientific Model Development, European Geosciences Union, 2018, 11, pp.1929-1969. ⟨10.5194/gmd-11-1929-2018⟩
hal-01987685v1  Journal articles
P. BougeaultA. Jansa ClarB. BenechB. CarissimoJacques Pelon et al.  Momentum budget over the Pyrénées : the PYREX experiment
Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, American Meteorological Society, 1990, 71 (6), pp.806-818
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