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hal-00141995v1  Conference papers
C. MoppertF. SaïdA. BrutV. PuygrenierB. Campistron et al.  Stratification of the lower troposphere during the ESCOMPTE campaign.
16th Symposium on Boundary layer and Turbulence., 2004, Portland, Maine,, United States
hal-00141845v1  Conference papers
B. CampistronV. PuygrenierB. BénechF. LohouF. Saïd et al.  Trajectory derived from the 3D linear wind field retrieved by a wind-profiler mesoscale network
16th Symposium on Boundary layer and Turbulence., 2004, Portland, Maine, United States
hal-00142246v1  Conference papers
E. FréjafonC. JambertAgnès BorbonF. SaïdC. Allet et al.  QCQA ESCOMPTE.
6th ESCOMPTE Workshop, 2005, Marseille, France
hal-00142251v1  Conference papers
F. SaïdV. PuygrenierC. MoppertB. CampistronF. Lohou et al.  Pollution transport and exchange during ESCOMPTE, 2nd IOP.
6th ESCOMPTE Workshop, Feb 2005, Marseille, France
hal-00143010v1  Conference papers
V. PuygrenierF. LohouB. CampistronF. SaïdB. Bénech et al.  Influence of the sea breeze on the development of an Urban Boundary Layer (ESCOMPTE 2001).
Proceeding of the 4th Int. Conference on Urban Air Quality., 2003, Prague,, Czech Republic
hal-00143016v1  Conference papers
M. LothonD. BabianeB. CampistronE. HoungninouF. Lohou et al.  First wind profiler radar observations in Africa.
EGU Symposium., 2005, Vienne,, Austria
hal-00148302v1  Conference papers
V. PuygrenierB. CampistronF. LohouB. BénechF. Saïd et al.  Contribution of a profiler network in the monitoring of a polluted area.
6th ESCOMPTE Workshop., 2005, Marseille,, France
hal-00986902v1  Journal articles
G. CanutM. LothonF. SaïdF. Lohou. Observation of entrainment at the interface between monsoon flow and the Saharan Air Layer
Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, Wiley, 2010, 136 (S1), pp.34-46. ⟨10.1002/qj.471⟩
hal-00159797v1  Conference papers
F. LohouB. CampistronF. SaïdE. DupontK.E. Kim. Investigation on the UHF downward bias : comparison between Cn2 measurement made by UHF wind profiler and by aircraft.
COST720 final symposium on Applications of Atmospheric Profiles in Research and Operations., 2006, Toulouse,, France
hal-00159800v1  Conference papers
F. LohouV. PuygrenierB. CampistronE. DupontP. Currier. Performance evaluation of a UHF wind profiler at the very low level of the atmospheric boundary layer.
COST720 final symposium on Applications of Atmospheric Profiles in Research an Operations., 2006, Toulouse,, France
hal-00159794v1  Conference papers
F. LohouV. PuygrenierB. CampistronE. DupontP. Currier. Low altitude wind measurements with wind profilers : sodar, sonic anemometer, wind profiler intercomparison.
7th International Symposium on Tropospheric Profiling : Needs and Technology., 2006, Boulder,, United States
hal-00023242v1  Conference papers
A. MariscalD. SerçaF. LohouC. LiousseV. Pont. Aerosols, gases and fluxes characterisation with large set of devices in Nangatchori (Djougou area, Benin) during AMMA EOP.
African Monsoon Multidisciplinary analysis 1st International Conference,, 2005, Dakar,, Senegal
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