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hal-02186850v1  Conference papers
Francis CollombetLaurent CrouzeixY.-H. GrunevaldH. ZengYves Davila et al.  Primary principal composite structure repair with multi-instrumented technological evaluator tool box
ECCM15 - The 15th European Conference on Composite Materials, Venice (Italy), June 24-28, 2012, Venice, Italy
hal-02187144v1  Conference papers
Francis CollombetLaurent CrouzeixY.-H. GrunevaldBernard DouchinYves Davila et al.  Large repair for aeronautics’ primary principal composite structures
International Symposium on Aircraft Materials ACMA 2012, Fez (Morocco)., 2012, Fez, Morocco
hal-02187949v1  Conference papers
H.A. Israr AhmadSamuel RivallantH. ZengJ.-J. Barrau. Finite element modelling of CFRP plates under crushing
ICCM 18 - 18th International Conference on Composite Materials, Jeju Island, Korea, 21-26 August, 2011, Jeju Island, South Korea