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hal-02348710v1  Journal articles
N.E. BowlesC. SnodgrassA. GibbingsJ.P. SanchezJ.A. Arnold et al.  CASTAway: An asteroid main belt tour and survey
Advances in Space Research, Elsevier, 2018, 62 (8), pp.1998-2025. ⟨10.1016/j.asr.2017.10.021⟩
hal-01769645v1  Conference papers
N. MurdochJérémie LasueB. ChideA. CaduA. Sournac et al.  Mars Microphone Testing and LIBS Acoustic Characterisation for the Mars 2020 Rover
49th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference 19-23 March, 2018, held at The Woodlands, Texas LPI Contribution No. 2083, id.1462, Mar 2018, The Woodlands, Texas, United States
hal-02411427v1  Conference papers
B. ChideS. MauriceD. MimounN. MurdochA. Cadu et al.  Mars Acoustics: What We Can Learn from a Microphone on the Mars 2020 Rover Mast
Ninth International Conference on Mars, Jul 2019, Pasadena, United States
hal-02049062v1  Conference papers
N. MurdochA. CalandryC. SundayI. Avila-MartinezOlivier Cherrier et al.  Studying low-velocity impacts in reduced gravity : an asteroid landing experiment
Division for Planetary Sciences / European Planetary Science Congress (DPS 48 / EPSC 11) Pasadena, 2016, Californie, United States
hal-02047616v1  Conference papers
G. NguyenN. MurdochA. CalandryOlivier CherrierYves Gourinat. Studying the influence of target and projectile properties on low-velocity collisions
European Planetary Science Congress 2017 (EPSC2017), 2017, Riga, Latvia