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hal-01875789v1  Conference papers
Pierre-Antoine MorinChristian ArtiguesAlain Haït. A new relaxation of the Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problem
15th International Conference on Project Management and Scheduling - PMS'2016, Apr 2016, Valencia, Spain. pp.9-12
hal-01875872v1  Conference papers
Pierre-Antoine MorinChristian ArtiguesAlain Haït. A New Mixed Time Framework for the Periodically Aggregated Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problem
Workshop on Models and Algorithms for Planning and Sheduling Problems (MAPSP 2017),, Jun 2014, Seeon-Seebruck, Germany
hal-01819291v1  Conference papers
El-Awady AttiaPhilippe DuquenneJean-Marc Le Lann. Affectation flexible des effectifs : vers un modèle de gestion des compétences
XIIIème congrès de la SFGP Des procédés au service du produit au coeur de l'Europe, Nov 2011, Lille, France. pp. 1-7
hal-02141713v1  Conference papers
Rameez KhalidAlain HaïtPhilippe Duquenne. Monitoring Transferable Work-load Projects for the optimization of duration and cost
EUROMOT 2008 : 3rd European Conference on Management of Technology, Sep 2008, Nice, France. pp.0
hal-01904082v1  Conference papers
El-Awady AttiaPhilippe DuquenneJean-Marc Le Lann. An assessment of project complexity relyng on principal component analysis
10ème congrès international de génie industriel, CIGI-2013, Jun 2013, La Rochelle, France. pp.1-17
hal-01914650v1  Conference papers
Virgil DumbravaBogdan NicoaraMircea ScutariuPhilippe Duquenne. Algorithm for the critical points assessment in the romanian power system
Regional Conference, Montenegro, Nov 2004, Herceg Novi, Montenegro. pp.1-7
hal-01912806v1  Conference papers
Hilaire Edi KouassiPhilippe DuquenneJean-Marc Le Lann. Prise en compte de l’efficacité dans la compétence des acteurs : caractéristique essentielle de la polyvalence
6ème congrès international de génie industriel, Besançon, France, Jun 2005, Besançon, France. pp.1-9
hal-00367614v1  Conference papers
Christian ArtiguesPierre LopezAlain Haït. Scheduling under energy constraints
International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Systems Management (IESM 2009), May 2009, Montréal, Canada. pp.CD-Rom Session 5D
hal-01783575v1  Conference papers
Catalina Alexandra SimaCristian LazaroiuVirgil DumbravaMariacristina RosciaDario Zaninelli et al.  Stochastic programming approach for TEP optimization considering RES integration in electricity market
2017 International Conference on ENERGY and ENVIRONMENT (CIEM), Oct 2017, Bucharest, Romania. pp. 485-489
hal-01979592v1  Conference papers
Pierre-Antoine MorinChristian ArtiguesAlain Haït. A column generation scheme for the periodically aggregated resource-constrained project scheduling problem
16th International Conference on Project Management and Scheduling (PMS 2018), Apr 2018, Rome, Italy
hal-02355994v1  Conference papers
El-Awady AttiaAshraf MegahedS. BaioumyA. ElbetarPhilippe Duquenne. Aggregate production planning considering performance evolution : a case study
Proceedings of the 17th int. AMME Conference, Apr 2016, Caire, Egypt. pp.0
hal-01771624v1  Conference papers
Virgil DumbravaPaul UlmeanuPhilippe DuquenneCristian LazaroiuMircea Scutariu. Expansion planning of distribution networks by heuristic algorithms
Universities Power Engineering Conference, Aug 2010, Cardiff, United Kingdom. pp. 1-6
hal-01772505v1  Conference papers
Virgil DumbravaPaul UlmeanuMircea ScutariuCristian LazaroiuPhilippe Duquenne. Analysis of reliability aspects of wind power generation in Romania using Markov models
IET Conference on Renewable Power Generation (RPG 2011), Sep 2011, Edinburgh, United Kingdom. pp. 1-5
hal-02339357v1  Conference papers
Philippe Duquenne. Biomass as a helpful support to sun and wind for insulated small electrical networks
9th International Conference on ENERGY and ENVIRONMENT: Energy for a green digital world, Oct 2019, Timisoara, Romania. pp.0
hal-02140418v1  Conference papers
Philippe DuquenneVirgil DumbravaJean-Marc Le Lann. Les projets agiles et les habits neufs du chef de projet
Conférence internationale en gestion de projet : gestion de projet agile et lean : comment relever ce défi, Oct 2012, Trois rivières, Canada. pp.0
hal-01772667v1  Journal articles
El-Awady AttiaPhilippe DuquenneJean-Marc Le Lann. Considering skills evolutions in multi-skilled workforce allocation with flexible working hours
International Journal of Production Research, Taylor & Francis, 2014, vol. 52 (n°15), pp. 4548-4573. ⟨10.1080/00207543.2013.877613⟩
hal-00829393v1  Journal articles
El-Awady AttiaK. Hilaire EdiPhilippe Duquenne. Flexible resources allocation techniques: characteristics and modelling
International Journal of Operational Research, Inderscience, 2012, vol. 14, pp. 221-254. ⟨10.1504/IJOR.2012.046649⟩
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