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hal-01562310v1  Journal articles
Rafael Garcia VillarE Leng-PeschlowY Ruckebusch. Effect of anthraquinone derivatives on canine and rat intestinal motility.
Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain, 1980, 32 (5), pp.323-329
hal-01600603v1  Poster communications
Magali ToulouseM CriscuoliRafael Garcia VillarJean FioramontiCarlo A Maggi et al.  Role of NK2 receptors in gastric barosensitivity and in experimental ileus in rats
17. International Symposium on Gastrointestinal Motility, Sep 1999, Bruges, Belgium. 1999
hal-01606335v1  Poster communications
Nicolas CénacRafael Garcia VillarJean FioramontiLionel Bueno. Par-2-1nduced Inflammation of Mouse Colon Involves Afferent Neurons and Nitric Oxide but Does Not Result from Increased Paracellular Permeability
Digestive Disease Week / 103rd Annual meeting of the AGA, May 2002, San Francisco, California, United States. 2002
hal-01561505v1  Journal articles
Isabelle LabieNicolas KraffLionel BuenoRafael Garcia Villar. Influence du citrate d'alvérine sur la viscérosensibilité rectale du rat
Actualités médicales internationales. gastroentérologie, Medica-Press, 1998, 12 (9)
hal-01600849v1  Poster communications
Nicolas CenacBruno GuiardRafael Garcia VillarJean FioramontiLionel Bueno. PAR-2 activation induces inflammation of mouse colon
5th World Congress on Inflammation, Sep 2001, Edinburgh, Ecosse, United Kingdom. 2001, Inflammation Research
hal-01600598v1  Poster communications
Nicolas CenacRafael Garcia VillarLaurent FerrierJean FioramontiLionel Bueno. Activation of PAR-2 increases colonic permeability by MLCK activation and INF-c-dependent
19th International Symposium on Gastrointestinal Motility, Oct 2003, Barcelone, Spain. 2003
hal-01600595v1  Poster communications
Nicolas CenacRichard RokaJulien DemaudeChristel CartierRafael Garcia Villar et al.  Colonic lumenal proteases regulate colonocyte PAR-2 expression and paracellular permeability in mice
Digestive Disease Week / 106th Annual meeting of the AGA, 2005, Chicago, Illinois, United States. 2005
hal-01600794v1  Poster communications
Jérôme GayJean FioramontiRafael Garcia VillarLionel Bueno. Normal basal motility and enhanced cholinergic reactivity of the jejunum in nematode-induced hypermastocytosis in rats
Digestive Disease Week / 99th Annual AGA meeting, May 1998, New Orleans, Louisiana, United States. 1998
hal-01562307v1  Journal articles
Nicolas CénacAnne Marie CoelhoCathy NguyenSteven ComptonPatricia Andrade-Gordon et al.  Induction of intestinal inflammation in mouse by activation of proteinase-activated receptor-2
American Journal of Pathology, American Society for Investigative Pathology, 2002, 161 (5), pp.1903-1915
hal-01562308v1  Journal articles
T.E.C WeekesLionel BuenoRafael Garcia Villar. Insulin Release and Inhibition of Fore-Stomach Motility in Sheep
Hormone and Metabolic Research, Thieme Publishing, 1976, 8 (03), pp.238-239. ⟨10.1055/s-0028-1095605⟩
hal-01562309v1  Journal articles
Lionel BuenoRafael Garcia VillarYves Ruckebusch. Activité électrique du côlon chez le chien éveillé
C.R. Académie des Sciences, 1977, 285 (16), pp.1463-1466
hal-01601040v1  Poster communications
Anne Marie CoelhoBruno GuiardRafael Garcia VillarNathalie VergnolleMorley D Hollenberg et al.  Proteinase-Activated Roceptor-2 (PAR-2) Activation Produces Delayed Rectal Hyperalgesia In Awake Rats
Digestive Disease Week / 102nd Annual AGA meeting, May 2001, Atlanta, Georgia, United States. 2001
hal-01600689v1  Poster communications
Sylvie BradesiHélène EutameneVassilia TheodorouRafael Garcia VillarJean Fioramonti et al.  Effetcs of ovarian hormones on intestinal mast cell reactivity to substance P and compound 48/80 in rats
17. International Symposium on Gastrointestinal Motility, Sep 1999, Bruges, Belgium. 1999
hal-01600596v1  Poster communications
Nicolas CenacRafael Garcia VillarLudmilla MazelinAnne-Marie CoelhoJean More et al.  Activation of Proteinase-Actvated Receptor-2 by the Peptide SLIGRL or Trypsin Induces Inflammation of Mouse Colon
Digestive Disease Week / 102nd Annual meeting of the AGA, May 2001, Atlanta, Georgia, United States. 2001
hal-01604377v1  Directions of work or proceedings
Rafael Garcia VillarJean-Pierre MartinolleNicole DubechJean MoréLionel Bueno. Intestinal smooth muscle a-adrenoceptors are up-regulated during trinitrobenzene sulfonic acid-induced inflammation in the guinea-pig
1st United European Gastroenterology Week, Sep 1992, Athènes, Greece. 5 (supp 1992), Hellenic Journal of Gastroenterology, abstract 846, page 212, 1992
hal-01600588v1  Poster communications
J GayRafael Garcia VillarJ L CarriereJ P MartinolleJean Fioramonti et al.  Role of mast cells in contractile hypersensitivity to L-NAME induced by substance P in guinea pig ileum
8th Meeting of Eur Gastrointest Motil Soc., Jun 1996, Copenhague, Sweden. 1996
hal-01600590v1  Poster communications
Rafael Garcia VillarCéline PicardFrancois FrenoisJean FioramontiLionel Bueno. Effects of chronic treatment with antidepressants on in vitro jejunal contractility in rats
Digestive Disease Week / 99th Annual AGA meeting, May 1998, New-Orleans, Louisiana, United States. 1998
hal-01601015v1  Conference papers
Rafael Garcia VillarJ E ParksS R HoughPeter W Nathanielsz. Platelet-Activating Factor does not stimulate the in vitro contractile activity of the pregnant sheep myometrium near term
41st Annual Scientific Meeting of the Society for Gynecologic Investigation of the , Mar 1994, Chicago, Illinois, United States