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hal-00452612v1  Conference papers
Aubin LecointreDaniela DragomirescuRobert Plana. IR-UWB Channel Capacity for Analog and Mostly Digital Implementation
IEEE International Semiconductor Conference, IEEE CAS, Oct 2008, Romania
hal-00452543v1  Conference papers
Aubin LecointreDaniela DragomirescuDavid DubucKatia GrenierPatrick Pons et al.  Miniaturized wireless sensor network
IEEE International Conference of Semiconductors, CAS2006, Oct 2006, Romania
hal-00452654v1  Conference papers
Aubin LecointreDaniela DragomirescuRobert Plana. Interface radio IR-UWB reconfigurable pour les réseaux de microsystèmes communicants
Journée National du Réseau Doctoral de Microéletronique, JNRDM, May 2009, France
hal-00452646v1  Conference papers
Aubin LecointreAbdoulaye BertheDaniela DragomirescuRobert Plana. Performance Evaluation of Impluse Radio Ultra Wide Band Wireless Sensor Networks
IEEE International Military Communications Conference, IEEE MILCOM, Oct 2009, United States
hal-00452626v1  Conference papers
Abdoulaye BertheAubin LecointreDaniela DragomirescuRobert Plana. Medium Access Control for Wireless Sensor Networks based on Impulse Radio Ultra Wideband
International Conference on Electronics Computers and Artificial Intelligence, ECAI, Jul 2009, Romania
hal-00400864v1  Conference papers
Chama AmezianeDidier BelotRobert PlanaThierry TarisYann Deval et al.  A 64GHz Push-Push Oscillator in 0.13μm BiCMOS Technology
European Microwave Week 2009, Sep 2009, Roma, Italy. pp.317-321
hal-00795981v1  Journal articles
Adrien BrouéThibeaut FourcadeJérémie DhenninFrédéric CourtadePierre-Louis Charvet et al.  Validation of bending test by nanoindentation for micro-contact analysis of MEMS switches
Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, IOP Publishing, 2010, 20 (6), pp.1-8
hal-00656950v1  Conference papers
Fadi KhalilRemi SharrockHervé AubertThierry MonteilFabio Coccetti et al.  Distributed electromagnetic analysis of reflectarrays
Annual Conference of the Applied Computational Electromagnetics Society, ACES'10, Apr 2010, Tempere, Finland
hal-00085217v1  Conference papers
Gilles CibielM. RégisOlivier LlopisY. KersaléV. Giordano et al.  Ultra low phase noise SiGe HBT. Application to a C band sapphire resonator oscillator
Proceedings of the IEEE-MTT, 2002, United States. pp. 691-694
hal-00085398v1  Conference papers
Gilles CibielOlivier LlopisJ.B. JuraverRobert PlanaY. Kersalé et al.  Métrologie de composants silicium-germanium à très faible bruit de phase et applications
Actes des Journées Nationales Microondes (JNM), 2001, Poitiers, France. pp.5A1
hal-00436716v1  Conference papers
Julien HenautAkram HakiriPascal BerthouDaniela DragomirescuThierry Gayraud et al.  Wireless Field Buses for Aerospace Ground and In-Flight Testing: an Experiment
FET 2009 - Fieldbuses and nEtworks in Industrial & Embedded Systems, May 2009, South Korea. pp.1
hal-00431027v1  Conference papers
Fabienne PennecDavid PeyrouAdrien BrouéJérémie DhenninPatrick Pons et al.  RF MEMS electrical contact resistance calculation using mechanical contact simulations and analytical models
International Collaborative Aerospace Development Micro Nanotechnologies: From concepts to systems (CANEUS 2009), Mar 2009, Moffett Field (USA), United States
hal-00579104v1  Conference papers
Nejdat DemirelEric KerherveRobert PlanaDenis Pache. 79GHz BiCMOS Single-Ended and Differential Power Amplifiers
40th IEEE European Microwave Conference, EUMC '10, Paris: France (2010), Sep 2010, France. pp.1690 - 1693
hal-00431019v1  Conference papers
Fabienne PennecDavid PeyrouDimitri LerayChristina VilleneuveAnthony Coustou et al.  DC CONTACT MODELING OF ELECTROSTATICALLY ACTUATED SWITCHES WITH LOW VOLTAGE
20th MicroMechanics Europe Workshop (MME 2009), Sep 2009, Toulouse, France. pp.B01, ID 113
hal-00230080v1  Conference papers
M. DragomanA. MüllerD. NeculoiuG. KonstantinidisKatia Grenier et al.  Carbon nanotubes-based microwave and millimeter wave sensors
37th European Microwave Conference (EuMC), Oct 2007, Munich, Germany
hal-00172967v1  Journal articles
David PeyrouFabienne PennecHikmat AchkarPatrick PonsFabio Coccetti et al.  BCB Based Packaging for Low Actuation Voltage RF MEMS Devices
Materials Research Society Symposia Proceedings, 2006, pp.7
hal-00356850v1  Conference papers
Aubin LecointreDaniela DragomirescuPascal BerthouRobert Plana. A reconfigurable IR-UWB radio interface, with directional antennas and localization capability, for wireless sensor networks
14th IEEE International Conference on Electronics, Circuits and Systems, Dec 2007, Marrakech, Morocco. p. 1055-1058
hal-02170319v1  Conference papers
E Saint EtienneG BlasquezPatrick PonsRobert PlanaC Douziech et al.  New Technological advances for microshielded coplanar circuits on silicon
Micro Mechanics Europe (MME1999), Sep 1999, Gif-sur-Yvette, France. pp.109-111
hal-00711131v1  Conference papers
Anthony CoustouDavid DubucKatia GrenierErwan FournOlivier Llopis et al.  Capabilities of a 10 GHz MEMS based VCO
1st European Microwave Integrated Circuits Conference, Oct 2006, Manchester, United Kingdom. pp.157-160
hal-00326811v1  Conference papers
Sofiane AlouiEric KerherveDidier BelotRobert Plana. A 60GHz, 13dBm Fully Integrated 65nm RF-CMOS Power Amplifier
Circuits and Systems and TAISA Conference, 2008. NEWCAS-TAISA 2008. 2008, Jun 2008, Montreal, Canada
hal-00326840v1  Conference papers
Demirel NejdatEric KerherveRobert PlanaDenis Pache. A 24 GHz, 18 dBm Fully Integrated Power Amplifier in a 0.13μm SiGe HBT Technology
Ph.D Resaech in Microelectronics and Electronics (Prime) 2008, Jun 2008, Istanbul, Turkey. pp.185-188
hal-00326845v1  Conference papers
Sofiane AlouiEric KerherveRobert PlanaDidier Belot. A 60GHz, 13 dBm fully integrated 65nm RF-CMOS power amplifier
Circuits and Systems and TAISA Conference, 2008. NEWCAS-TAISA 2008, Jun 2008, Montreal, France. pp.237-240
hal-00619441v1  Conference papers
Sofiane AlouiRobert PlanaDidier BelotEric Kerhervé. A 59GHz-to-67GHz 65nm-CMOS High Efficiency Power Amplifier
NEWCAS 2011, Jun 2011, BORDEAUX, France. pp.52-58
hal-00619152v1  Conference papers
David MardivirinStanis CourrègesPierre BlondyArnaud PothierFabio Coccetti et al.  Successive conduction modes in Si3N4 capacitive RF-MEMS
11th International Symposium on RF MEMS and RF Microsystems, MEMSWAVE, Jun 2010, Otranto, Italy