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hal-00452612v1  Conference papers
Aubin LecointreDaniela DragomirescuRobert Plana. IR-UWB Channel Capacity for Analog and Mostly Digital Implementation
IEEE International Semiconductor Conference, IEEE CAS, Oct 2008, Romania
hal-00452543v1  Conference papers
Aubin LecointreDaniela DragomirescuDavid DubucKatia GrenierPatrick Pons et al.  Miniaturized wireless sensor network
IEEE International Conference of Semiconductors, CAS2006, Oct 2006, Romania
hal-00452654v1  Conference papers
Aubin LecointreDaniela DragomirescuRobert Plana. Interface radio IR-UWB reconfigurable pour les réseaux de microsystèmes communicants
Journée National du Réseau Doctoral de Microéletronique, JNRDM, May 2009, France
hal-00452646v1  Conference papers
Aubin LecointreAbdoulaye BertheDaniela DragomirescuRobert Plana. Performance Evaluation of Impluse Radio Ultra Wide Band Wireless Sensor Networks
IEEE International Military Communications Conference, IEEE MILCOM, Oct 2009, United States
hal-00452626v1  Conference papers
Abdoulaye BertheAubin LecointreDaniela DragomirescuRobert Plana. Medium Access Control for Wireless Sensor Networks based on Impulse Radio Ultra Wideband
International Conference on Electronics Computers and Artificial Intelligence, ECAI, Jul 2009, Romania
hal-00436716v1  Conference papers
Julien HenautAkram HakiriPascal BerthouDaniela DragomirescuThierry Gayraud et al.  Wireless Field Buses for Aerospace Ground and In-Flight Testing: an Experiment
FET 2009 - Fieldbuses and nEtworks in Industrial & Embedded Systems, May 2009, South Korea. pp.1
hal-00623210v1  Conference papers
Amar AdaneFrançois GallÉeChristian PersonC VilleneuveV Puyal et al.  Implementation of broadband microstrip-u coupled patch array on SI/BCB membrane for beamforming applications at 60 GHZ
EUCAP 2011 : proceedings of the 5th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation, Apr 2011, Rome, Italy. pp.1263 - 1267
hal-00356850v1  Conference papers
Aubin LecointreDaniela DragomirescuPascal BerthouRobert Plana. A reconfigurable IR-UWB radio interface, with directional antennas and localization capability, for wireless sensor networks
14th IEEE International Conference on Electronics, Circuits and Systems, Dec 2007, Marrakech, Morocco. p. 1055-1058
hal-00356852v1  Conference papers
Ghalem BoudourAubin LecointrePascal BerthouDaniela DragomirescuThierry Gayraud. On Designing Sensor Networks with Smart Antennas
7th IFAC International Conference on Fieldbuses and nETworks in industrial and embedded systems, Nov 2007, Toulouse, France. p. 349-356
hal-00356854v1  Conference papers
Roxana AlbuAubin LecointreDaniela DragomirescuThierry GayraudPascal Berthou. Evaluation of UWB communication for in-flight entertainment system in the aircraft cabin
7th IFAC International Conference on Fieldbuses and nETworks in industrial and embedded systems, November 7-8-9, 2007, Nov 2007, Toulouse, France. p. 49-56
hal-00472541v1  Conference papers
Akram HakiriPascal BerthouJulien HenautDaniela DragomirescuThierry Gayraud. Performance Evaluation of Wireless Sensor Network for Spatial and Aeronautic Systems
International Conference on Telecommunications (IEEE ICT 2010), Apr 2010, Doha, Qatar. 8p
hal-00449496v1  Conference papers
Michael KraemerDaniela DragomirescuRobert Plana. Nonlinear behavioral modeling of oscillators in VHDL-AMS using artificial neural networks
IEEE Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits Symposium 2008 (RFIC 2008), Jun 2008, Atlanta, United States
hal-00449501v1  Conference papers
Michael KraemerDaniela DragomirescuRobert Plana. Conception et modélisation d'une tête RF pour un émetteur récepteur impulsionnel à 60 GHz en technologie CMOS sub-micronique
Journées Nationales du Réseau Doctoral de Microélectronique 2009 (JNRDM 2009), May 2009, Lyon, France
hal-00449480v1  Conference papers
Michael KraemerDaniela DragomirescuRobert Plana. A low-power high-gain LNA for the 60GHz band in a 65 nm CMOS technology
Asia Pacific Microwave Conference 2009, Dec 2009, Singapore, Singapore
hal-00449492v1  Conference papers
Michael KraemerDaniela DragomirescuRobert Plana. A novel technique to create behavioral models of differential oscillators in VHDL-AMS
Xth International Workshop on Symbolic and Numerical Methods, Modeling and Applications to Circuit Design 2008 (SM2ACD2008), Oct 2008, Erfurt, Germany
hal-00449498v1  Conference papers
Michael KraemerAubin LecointreDaniela DragomirescuRobert Plana. Architecture considerations for 60 GHZ pulse transceiver front-ends
International Semiconducteur Conference, CAS 2007, Oct 2007, Sinaia, Romania
hal-00449489v1  Conference papers
Michael KraemerDaniela DragomirescuRobert Plana. Modélisation comportementale des oscillateurs micro-ondes en utilisant des réseaux de neurones
16èmes Journées Nationales Microondes (JNM 2009), May 2009, Grenoble, France
hal-00449465v1  Conference papers
Michael KraemerDaniela DragomirescuRobert Plana. Accurate Electromagnetic Simulation and Measurement of Millimeter-wave Inductors in Bulk CMOS Technology
IEEE Topical Meeting on Silicon Monolithic Integrated Circuits in RF Systems 2010, Jan 2010, New Orleans, United States
hal-00449486v1  Conference papers
Michael KraemerDaniela DragomirescuVincent PuyalRobert Plana. A VHDL-AMS model of RF MEMS capacitive shunt switches
International Semiconducteur Conference, CAS 2009, Oct 2009, Sinaia, Romania
hal-02082708v1  Conference papers
Bilal BenamroucheDaniela Dragomirescu. Energy efficient IR-UWB transceiver for autonomous wireless sensor network
International Conference on Internet of Things, Data and Cloud Computing (ICC), Mar 2017, Cambridge, United Kingdom. pp.1-4, ⟨10.1145/3018896.3036372⟩
hal-02082702v1  Conference papers
Bilal BenamroucheAlexandre RumeauDaniela Dragomirescu. Ultra-low power IR-UWB transceiver for wireless sensors network
International Semiconductor Conference (CAS 2017), Oct 2017, Sinaia, France. pp.285-288, ⟨10.1109/SMICND.2017.8101227⟩
hal-02083210v1  Book sections
Matthieu GastaldiDaniela DragomirescuAlexandru TakacsV ArmengaudSamuel Charlot. Compact phase shifting cell based on micro-strip slow wave lines Kapton flexible technology for V-band applications
Novel technologies for microwave and millimeter wave devices and circuits, Editura Academiei Române, 2017, 9789732728093
hal-02083200v1  Conference papers
Daniela DragomirescuAlexandru Takacs. Energy efficient wireless sensors networks
International Semiconducteur Conference (CAS 2017), Oct 2017, Sinaii, Romania. 24p