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hal-00858610v1  Journal articles
Pascal PuechTao HuAndrei SapelkinI.C. GerberVictoria Tishkova et al.  Charge transfer between carbon nanotubes and sulfuric acid as determined by Raman spectroscopy
Physical Review B : Condensed matter and materials physics, American Physical Society, 2012, vol. 85, pp. 1-6. ⟨10.1103/PhysRevB.85.205412⟩
tel-01829674v1  Theses
Ekaterina Pavlenko. Probing interaction and dispersion of carbon nanotubes in metal and polymer matrices
Physics [physics]. Université Toulouse 3 Paul Sabatier (UT3 Paul Sabatier), 2014. English. ⟨NNT : 2014TOU30234⟩
tel-01987278v1  Theses
Wang Tian. A Multi-scale Study of Ancient Ceramics Using a Series of Analytical Techniques
Materials Science [cond-mat.mtrl-sci]. Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Toulouse, 2016. English
hal-00474903v1  Journal articles
Thierry BarréLaurent AruraultFrançois Sauvage. Chemical behavior of tungstate solutions. Part 1. A spectroscopic survey of the species involved
Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy, Elsevier, 2005, vol. 61 n° 4., 551-557 available on : http://oatao.univ-toulouse.fr/464/1/arurault_464.pdf
tel-00285443v1  Theses
Florent Perez. Plasmons dans un potentiel unidimensionnel Etude par spectroscopie Raman de fils quantiques gravés
Matière Condensée [cond-mat]. Université Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris VI, 1998. Français
hal-01757294v1  Journal articles
Xu ZhangYuan HuangShanshan ChenNa Yeon KimWontaek Kim et al.  Birch-Type Hydrogenation of Few-Layer Graphenes: Products and Mechanistic Implications
Journal of the American Chemical Society, American Chemical Society, 2016, 138 (45), pp.14980-14986. ⟨10.1021/jacs.6b08625⟩
hal-01760317v1  Conference papers
Iann KinlochShuang CuiRobert J. YoungLaure NoéMarc Monthioux et al.  Carbon nanotube composites: Benefits and precautions
ICCM International Conferences on Composite Materials, 2009, Edinburgh, Unknown Region
tel-01025043v1  Theses
Sébastien Linas. Patterning and characterization of graphene nano-ribbon by electron beam induced etching
Materials Science [cond-mat.mtrl-sci]. Université Paul Sabatier - Toulouse III, 2012. English. ⟨NNT : 2012TOU30323⟩
hal-01830800v1  Conference papers
J. WangChloé BayonFrançois DemangeotRenaud PéchouAdnen Mlayah et al.  Raman spectroscopy of GaN and AlGaN nanowires: From ensemble to single nanowire study
GALLIUM NITRIDE MATERIALS AND DEVICES VIII, 2013, San Francisco, CA, Unknown Region. ⟨10.1117/12.2001564⟩
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