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hal-01764801v1  Conference papers
Jacques HarventFlorian BugarinJean-José OrteuMichel DevyPierre Barbeau et al.  Inspection of aeronautics parts for shape defect detection using a multi-camera system
2008 SEM XI International congress & exposition on experimental and applied mechanics, Jun 2008, Orlando (US-FL), United States. p.439-446
hal-01788408v1  Conference papers
Laurent CrouzeixHilario Hernandez MorenoJean Noël PerieBernard DouchinLaurent Robert et al.  On the identification of mechanical properties using structural tests and optical methods
SEM Annual conference and exposition on experimental and applied mechanics, Jun 2006, Saint-Louis, United States. p.705-714
hal-01760294v1  Conference papers
Nicolas PircFlorian BugarinFabrice SchmidtMarcel Mongeau. BEM-based cooling optimization for 3D injection molding
1st International conference on multidisciplinary design optimization and application, Apr 2007, Besançon, France. 6 p
hal-01818874v1  Conference papers
Laurent RobertSamia Hmida MaamarVincent VelayFabrice Schmidt. Determination of the elongational properties of polymers using a mixed numerical-experimental method
ICEM13 - 13th International conference on experimental mechanics, Jul 2007, Alexanroupolis, Greece. 8 p., ⟨10.1007/978-1-4020-6239-1_331⟩
hal-01764796v1  Conference papers
Nicolas PircFabrice SchmidtMarcel MongeauFlorian BugarinFrancisco Chinesta. Optimization of BEM-based cooling channels injection moulding using model reduction
ESAFORM 2008 -11th International ESAFORM conference on material forming, Apr 2008, Lyon, France. 4 p
hal-01764794v1  Conference papers
Claire MichelThierry CutardPascal Lamesle. Microstructure and thermomechanical behaviour of a SiC-based refractory
ECERS -11th International conference and exhibition of the European Ceramic Society, Jun 2009, Krakow, Poland. p.779-784
hal-01809793v1  Directions of work or proceedings
Yves BerthaudPaul GaboritMichel GrediacJean-José OrteuLaurent Robert et al.  Photomécanique 2004 : étude du comportement des matériaux et des structures
Photomécanique 2004, May 2004, Albi, France. Ecole des Mines d'Albi Carmaux, 416 p., 2004, 2-9511591-3-7
hal-01709506v1  Conference papers
Philippe LoursYuhong QiYannick Le MaoultBernard Pieraggi. In situ and ex situ investigation of the spallation of thermally grown oxides
THERMEC 2006 - 5th International conference on processing & manufacturing of advanced materials, Jul 2006, Vancouver, Canada. pp.1134+, ⟨10.4028/www.scientific.net/MSF.539-543.1134⟩
hal-01760285v1  Conference papers
Renaud GantoisArthur CantarelJean-Noël FelicesNicolas PircFabrice Schmidt. BEM simulation of 3D updated resin front for LCM processes
ICSAAM 2009 -International Conference on Structural Analysis of Advanced Materials, Sep 2009, Tarbes, France. pp.131-136
hal-01709514v1  Journal articles
A TrombeA SuleimanYannick Le Maoult. Use of an inverse method to determine natural convection heat transfer coefficients in unsteady state
Journal of Heat Transfer, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 2003, 125 (6), pp.1017-1026. ⟨10.1115/1.1597611⟩
hal-01349672v1  Journal articles
Nicolas PircFabrice SchmidtMarcel MongeauFlorian Bugarin. 3D BEM-based cooling-channel shape optimization for injection moulding processes
International Journal for Simulation and Multidisciplinary Design Optimization, EDP sciences/NPU (China), 2008, 2 (3), pp.245-252. ⟨10.1051/ijsmdo:2008033⟩
hal-01354303v1  Conference papers
Nicolas PircFlorian BugarinFabrice SchmidtMarcel Mongeau. Cooling channel optimization for injection molding
NUMIFORM 07: Materials Processing and Design: Modeling, Simulation and Applications, Jun 2007, Porto, Portugal. p.525-530, ⟨10.1063/1.2740864⟩
hal-02056728v1  Conference papers
J. HarventFlorian BugarinJean-José OrteuM. Devy. Inspection de pièces aéronautiques pour la détection de défauts de forme à partir d'un système multi-caméras
Congrès de l'École Doctorale Systèmes (EDSYS), Toulouse (France), 22 mai 2008, 2008, Toulouse, France
inria-00404627v1  Conference papers
Benjamin CoudrinMichel DevyLudovic BrèthesJean-José Orteu. Modélisation 3D d'objets par un capteur visuel déplacé par un opérateur
ORASIS'09 - Congrès des jeunes chercheurs en vision par ordinateur, 2009, Trégastel, France, France
inria-00404623v1  Conference papers
Benoit DucarougeThierry SentenacFlorian BugarinMichel Devy. Rectification Projective d'Images Stéréo non Calibrées Infrarouges avec prise en compte globale de la minimisation des distorsions
ORASIS'09 - Congrès des jeunes chercheurs en vision par ordinateur, Jun 2009, Trégastel, France, France
hal-02056726v1  Conference papers
Florian BugarinN. DecultotMichel DevyJ. HarventJean-José Orteu et al.  Multi-camera computer vision for large volume inspection: (a) aeronautical parts inspection and (b) incremental forming
Large Volume Metrology Conference 2008 (LVMC'2008), Liverpool (UK), 4-5 November 2008, 2008, Liverpool, United Kingdom
hal-00420081v1  Conference papers
Florian BugarinDidier HenrionThierry SentenacJean-Bernard LasserreJean-José Orteu. Optimisation globale polynomiale appliquée à la rectification projective d'images non calibrées
French Conference on Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence (RFIA 2010), Jan 2010, Caen, France. 8p
hal-01847800v1  Journal articles
Emilie Herny. Mechanical characterisation and investigation of thermal and thermomechanical aging mechanisms of martensitic stainless steel 15-5PH
International Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering, Maney Publishing, 2009, 3 (n° 1-2), p.65-69
hal-02057069v1  Conference papers
Gérard BernhartThierry CutardYannick Le MaoultFabrice SchmidtJean Paul Arcens. Infra-red sheet heating assisted Superplastic Forming
EuroSPF2008 - 6th European Conference on Superplastic Forming, Sep 2008, Carcassonne, France
hal-01688569v1  Journal articles
Emilie HernyPhilippe LoursEric AndrieuJean-Marc ClouéPhilippe Lagain. Evolution of microstructure and impact-strength energy in thermally and thermomechanically aged 15-5 PH
Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part L: Journal of Materials: Design and Applications, SAGE Publications, 2008, vol. 222 (n° 4), pp.299-304
hal-01688462v1  Conference papers
Nadia VialasDaniel MonceauBernard Pieraggi. Effect of Cycle Frequency on High Temperature Oxidation Behavior of Alumina-forming Coatings Used for Industrial Gas Turbine Blades
6th International Symposium on High Temperature Corrosion and Protection of Materials, May 2004, Les Embiez, France. pp. 747-754, ⟨10.4028/www.scientific.net/MSF.461-464.747⟩
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