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hal-01497144v1  Conference papers
Ida LucciSimon CharbonnierYanping WangM. BahriMaxime Vallet et al.  3D GaP/Si(001) growth mode and antiphase boundaries
19th International Conference on Molecular-Beam Epitaxy (IC-MBE 2016), Sep 2016, Montpellier, France
hal-01497149v1  Conference papers
Ida LucciSimon CharbonnierYanping WangMounib BahriMaxime Vallet et al.  Etude de la croissance cohérente de GaP/Si(001) en couche mince
Réunion plénière du GDR Pulse (PULSE 2016), Jul 2016, Marseille, France
hal-01945905v1  Journal articles
Sébastien MotschMehdi MoussaidElsa GuillotMathieu MoreauJulien Pettré et al.  Modeling crowd dynamics through coarse-grained data analysis
Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering, AIMS Press, 2018, 15 (6), pp.1271-1290. ⟨10.3934/mbe.2018059⟩
hal-01497064v1  Poster communications
Ida LucciSimon CharbonnierYanping WangMounib BahriMaxime Vallet et al.  Relationship between antiphase domains, roughness and surface/interface energies during the epitaxial growth of GaP on Si
European Materials Research Society - Spring Meeting 2016 (E-MRS 2016 Spring Meeting), May 2016, Lille, France
hal-01142580v1  Conference papers
Julien FrougierTiantian ZhangShiheng LiangPhillipe BaratePierre Renucci et al.  Electrical Spin-Injection enhancement in III-V Spin-LEDs: Towards control of light polarization using spin-injected Lasers
58th Annual Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials (MMM), Nov 2013, Denver, United States
hal-00378444v1  Journal articles
Jean-Pierre BourgadePierre DegondFlorian MéhatsChristian Ringhofer. On quantum extensions to classical Spherical Harmonics Expansion / Fokker-Planck models
Journal of Mathematical Physics, American Institute of Physics (AIP), 2006, 47 (4), pp.043302. ⟨10.1063/1.2192968⟩
hal-01556263v1  Conference papers
Sabry KhalfallahPascal DubreuilLaurent EscotteChantal FontaineA. Muñoz-Yagüe et al.  III-V Semiconductor Integrated (De)Modulators/Multiplexers for coherence multiplexed sensor networks
10th international conference on solid-state sensors and actuators, 1999, Sendaï, Japan
hal-01556269v1  Conference papers
Sabry KhalfallahPascal DubreuilLaurent EscotteRené LegrosChantal Fontaine et al.  Modulateur de cohérence intégré en GaAlAs sur GaAs au réseau de capteurs
7ème Journées Nationales de Microélectronique et Optoélectronique, Jan 1999, Egat, France
insu-01927987v1  Poster communications
Fatim HankardJérôme GaillardetIsabelle BraudSandrine AnquetinChristelle Batiot et al.  OZCAR: French network of Critical Zone Observatories exploring the human’s habitat
American Geophysical Union 2018, Fall Meeting, Dec 2018, Washington, United States. pp.H13J-1856, 2018
hal-00646802v1  Journal articles
Mohammed LemouPierre-Henri Chavanis. Escape of stars from gravitational clusters in the Chandrasekhar model
Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, Elsevier, 2010, 389 (5), pp.1021-1040. ⟨10.1016/j.physa.2009.11.009⟩
hal-01362484v1  Journal articles
Cédric RobertKatiane Pereira da SilvaMikhail NestoklonMaria Isabel AlonsoPascal Turban et al.  Electronic wave functions and optical transitions in (In,Ga)As/GaP quantum dots
Physical Review B : Condensed matter and materials physics, American Physical Society, 2016, 94 (7), pp.075445. ⟨10.1103/PhysRevB.94.075445⟩
hal-01255801v1  Conference papers
S. DeheuvelsV. Silva AguirreM. S. CunhaT. AppourchauxJ. Ballot et al.  An attempt to calibrate core overshooting using the seismic properties of low-mass stars
The Space Photometry Revolution - CoRoT Symposium 3, Kepler KASC-7 Joint Meeting, Jul 2014, Toulouse, France. pp.id.01013, ⟨10.1051/epjconf/201510101013⟩