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hal-01295332v1  Conference papers
Q. VuM. LottV. GarnierJean-François ChaixC. Payan et al.  Nonlinear Acoustic Evaluation by Rayleigh Waves for Assessing Concrete Cover Layer Properties
International Symposium Non-Destructive Testing in Civil Engineering (NDT-CE), Sep 2015, berlin, Germany
emse-01194471v1  Conference papers
Oussama Ben-AmmarHélène MarianAlexandre Dolgui. Supply planning for multi-levels assembly system under random lead times
15th IFAC Symposium on Information Control Problems in Manufacturing — INCOM 2015, May 2015, Ottawa, Canada. pp.Pages 254-259, ⟨10.1016/j.ifacol.2015.06.090⟩
hal-01216207v1  Book sections
Arnaud BanosPhilippe CaillouBenoit GaudouNicolas Marilleau. Exploration de modèles agent
Simulation spatiale à base d’agents avec NetLogo 1, ISTE, pp.49, 2015
hal-01216192v1  Book sections
Arnaud BanosPhilippe CaillouBenoit GaudouNicolas Marilleau. Agent-Based Model Exploration
Agent-Based Spatial Simulation with NetLogo, Elsevier, pp.57, 2015, Volume 1: Introduction and Bases, 9781785480553
hal-02042509v1  Book sections
R. PoliS. ChenX. W. ZhangA. CardozoMuriel Lansalot et al.  One-Pot RAFT Synthesis of Triphenylphosphine-Functionalized Amphiphilic Core-Shell Polymers and Application as Catalytic Nanoreactors in Aqueous Biphasic Hydroformylation
Matyjaszewski, K. and Sumerlin, B. S. and Tsarevsky, N. V. and Chiefari, J. Controlled Radical Polymerization: Materials, 1188, American Chemical Society, pp.203-220, 2015, ACS Symposium Series, 978-0-8412-3050-7
hal-01916646v1  Journal articles
C. BarthesA. RivesV. MaravalEvelyne ChelainThierry Brigaud et al.  First example of ring carbo-mer of 1,4-cyclohexadiene
French-Ukrainian Journal of Chemistry, 2015, 3 (1), pp.60-65. ⟨10.17721/fujcV3I1P60-65⟩
hal-01923708v1  Journal articles
C. DeraedtAmalia RapakousiouHaibin B. GuL. SalmonJaime Ruiz et al.  Catalytically-active palladium nanoparticles stabilized by triazolylbiferrocenyl-containing polymers
Journal of Inorganic and Organometallic Polymers and Materials, Springer Verlag (Germany), 2015, 25 (3), pp.437-446. ⟨10.1007/s10904-014-0161-6⟩
hal-02042511v1  Books
P. SerpB. Machado. Nanostructured Carbon Materials for Catalysis
RSC Publishing, 555 p., 2015, RSC Catalysis Series, 978-1-849-73909-2
hal-02042483v1  Book sections
E. GrasS. Chassaing. Carbenes and Nitrenes
Knipe, A. C. Organic Reaction Mechanisms-2012: An annual survey covering the literature dated january to december 2012, 4, John Wiley & Sons, pp.171-208, 2015, 978-1-118-36259-4
hal-01920336v1  Journal articles
Bernard MeunierAnne Robert. L’hème : une cible pour la chimiothérapie des parasites hématophages
Actualité Chimique "Dossier La chimie en Région Midi-Pyrénées", 2015, 392, pp.XV
hal-01909681v1  Journal articles
Lydie ValadeStéphanie Remaury. La chimie et le développement de projets dans le domaine du spatial
Actualité Chimique "Dossier La chimie en Région Midi-Pyrénées", 2015, 392, pp.XXIII
hal-02042494v1  Book sections
P. Lignier. Size Control of Monodisperse Metal Nanocrystals in Ionic Liquids
Dupont, J. and Kollar, L. Ionic Liquids, 51, Springer International Publishing, pp.55-78, 2015, Topics in Organometallic Chemistry, 978-3-662-47856-1
hal-01919617v1  Journal articles
Dominique AgustinF. Gayet. Chimie et savoir
Actualité Chimique "Dossier La chimie en Région Midi-Pyrénées ", 2015, 392, pp.IV
hal-01923826v1  Journal articles
Bénédicte Garreau-de Bonneval. Matériaux pour l’aéronautique et l’espace
Actualité Chimique "Dossier La chimie en Région Midi-Pyrénées", 2015, 392, pp.XXI
hal-02042489v1  Book sections
P. KalckP. Serp. Catalysis Contribution to a Sustainable Chemistry
Poux, M. and Cognet, P. and Gourdon, C. Green Process Engineering: From Concepts to Industrial Applications, 3, CRC Press, pp.422-444, 2015, 978-1-482-20817-7
hal-02042496v1  Book sections
C. Lorber. Vanadium Organometallics
Reedijk, J. Reference Module in Chemistry, Molecular Sciences and Chemical Engineering, Elsevier, pp.1-78, 2015, 978-0-12-409547-2
hal-01924546v1  Journal articles
K. Fajerwerg. Nanochimie
Actualité Chimique "Dossier La chimie en Région Midi-Pyrénées", 2015, 392, pp.VIII