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hal-02143216v1  Journal articles
Patricia TaillandierJean-Pierre RibaPierre Strehaiano. Malate utilization by Schizosaccharomyces pombe
Biotechnology Letters, Springer Verlag, 1988, 10 (7), pp.469-472. ⟨10.1007/BF01027058⟩
hal-01980482v1  Journal articles
Pascal GuiraudAnne-Marie DuquenneLaurence EtchetoJoël Bertrand. Numerical simulation of in — line mixers
Computers and Chemical Engineering, Elsevier, 1993, 17, pp.S511-S516. ⟨10.1016/0098-1354(93)80274-Q⟩
hal-01817844v1  Journal articles
Philippe DuquenneAlain DeltourGermain Lacoste. Application of inductive heating to granular media: temperature distribution in a granular bed.
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Elsevier, 1993, vol. 36 (n° 9), pp. 2473 -2477. ⟨10.1016/S0017-9310(05)80130-9⟩
hal-01851814v1  Journal articles
Jacques BerlanH. DelmasIsabelle DuéeJ. L. LucheL. Vuiglio. Deprotonation-alkylation of alkyl cyanides under sonochemical conditions
Synthetic Communications, Taylor & Francis: STM, Behavioural Science and Public Health Titles, 1994, 24 (9), pp.1253 - 1260. ⟨10.1080/00397919408011725⟩
hal-01987794v1  Journal articles
Anne-Marie BilletPascal GuiraudJoël Bertrand. Efficiency improvement of a tubular jet reactor by mixing increase
Chemical Engineering Research and Design, Elsevier, 1995, vol.73, pp.191-195
hal-01851816v1  Journal articles
Isabelle DuéeJacques BerlanG. CasamattaH. DelmasAnne-Marie Wilhelm et al.  New process for the synthesis of the 2-propyl pentane nitrile under ultrasonic irradiation
The Chemical Engineering Journal and the Biochemical Engineering Journal, Elsevier, 1995, 59 (2), pp.121 - 126. ⟨10.1016/0923-0467(94)02925-3⟩
hal-01868720v1  Journal articles
Fabienne EspitalierB. BiscansC Laguérie. Particle design Part A: Nucleation kinetics of ketoprofen
Chemical Engineering Journal, Elsevier, 1997, 68 (2-3), pp.95-102
hal-00464440v1  Journal articles
Stéphane NegnyMichel MeyerMichel Prevost. Simulation of velocity fields in a falling film with a free interface flowing over a wavy surface
Computers and Chemical Engineering, Elsevier, 1998, vol. 22 suppl. 1., S921-S924 available on :