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hal-02055670v1  Books
K. VijayanRedouane ZitouneJ.P. Davim. Special Issue on Advances in the Machining of Aerospace Materials
Vijayan, K. and Zitoune, R. and Davim, J.P. Inderscience Publishers, 2016
hal-02055809v1  Books
K. VijayanRedouane ZitouneJ.P. Davim. Drilling of polymer matrix composites
Springer (, 2014
hal-02185681v1  Books
Redouane ZitouneK. KrishnarajJ.P. Davim. Developments in Machining of Aerospace Materials
Zitoune, R. and Krishnaraj, K. and Davim, J.P. Nova Publishers :, 2012