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hal-02750368v1  Conference papers
Pierre MazzegaChristophe Sibertin-BlancOlivier TherondFredéric AmblardJean-Paul Arcangeli et al.  Impact assessment modeling of low-water management policy
4. Workshop of Applied Computing for the Management of the Environment and Natural Resources (WCAMA 2013), Jul 2013, Maceió, Alagoas, Brazil. 2173 p
hal-01601242v1  Conference papers
Patrick TaillandierFrédéric Amblard. Cartography of multi-agent model parameter space through a reactive dicotomous approach
25th European Simulation and Modelling Conference- ESM'2011, Oct 2011, Guimaraes, Portugal
hal-02742949v1  Conference papers
Olivier TherondChristophe Sibertin-BlancRomain LardyBenoit GaudouMaud Balestrat et al.  Integrated modelling of social-ecological systems: The MAELIA high-resolution multi-agent platform to deal with water scarcity problems
7. International Congress on Environmental Modelling and Software (iEMSs 2014), Jun 2014, San Diego, Californie, United States. 2386 p
hal-02734596v1  Conference papers
Arnaud GrignardLuis AlonsoPatrick TaillandierBenoit GaudouTri Nguyen-Huu et al.  The Impact of New Mobility Modes on a City: A Generic Approach Using ABM
9th International Conference on Complex Systems ICCS, Jul 2018, Cambridge, United States. ⟨10.1007/978-3-319-96661-8_29⟩
hal-02651338v1  Conference papers
David PanzoliCatherine Pons LelardeuxPierre Lagarrigue. Communication and knowledge sharing in immersive learning games.
7th International Conference on Games and Virtual Worlds for Serious Applications (VS-Games 2015), Sep 2015, Skövde, Sweden. pp.1-8
hal-02519312v1  Conference papers
Alain BoucherPatrick TaillandierFrancois SempeSerge StinckwichRichard Canal et al.  The AROUND project: Adapting robotic disaster response to developing countries
2009 IEEE International Workshop on Safety, Security & Rescue Robotics (SSRR 2009), Nov 2009, Denver, United States. pp.1-6, ⟨10.1109/SSRR.2009.5424156⟩
hal-02279420v1  Conference papers
Marion ValetteBenoit GaudouDominique LonginPatrick Taillandier. Modeling a real-case situation of egress using BDI agents with emotions and social skills
International Conference on Principles and Practice of Multi-Agent Systems (PRIMA 2018), Oct 2018, Tokyo, Japan. pp.3-18
hal-02152004v1  Conference papers
David PanzoliCatherine Pons LelardeuxPierre Lagarrigue. Communication and Knowledge Sharing in an Immersive Learning Game
IEEE Conference, 7th International Conference on Games and Virtual Worlds for Serious Applications (VS-Games),, 2015, Skovde, Sweden. pp.108-115, ⟨10.1109/VS-GAMES.2015.7295768⟩
hal-02151965v1  Conference papers
Catherine Pons LelardeuxDavid PanzoliMichel GalaupVincent MinvilleVincent Lubrano et al.  3D Real-Time Collaborative Environment to Learn Teamwork and Non-technical Skills in the Operating Room
International Conference on Interactive Collaborative Learning 2016, Sep 2016, Belfast, United Kingdom. pp.143-157, ⟨10.1007/978-3-319-50337-0_12⟩
halshs-02144058v1  Conference papers
Éric DaudéKevin ChapuisPatrick TaillandierPierrick TranouezClément Caron et al.  ESCAPE: Exploring by Simulation Cities Awareness on Population Evacuation
16th International Conference on Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management (ISCRAM 2019), May 2019, Valence, Spain. pp.76-93
hal-02055765v1  Conference papers
Nicolas MullerDavid PanzoliMichel GalaupPierre LagarriguePierre Jessel. Learning mechanical engineering in a virtual workshop: A preliminary study on utilisability, utility and acceptability
2017 9th International Conference on Virtual Worlds and Games for Serious Applications (VS-Games), Sep 2017, Athens, France. pp.55-62, ⟨10.1109/VS-GAMES.2017.8055811⟩
hal-02012717v1  Conference papers
Nicolas MullerCatherine Pons LelardeuxDavid PanzoliJean Pierre JesselPierre Lagarrigue. Design of Learning Environments for Mechanical Engineering
Proceedings of the76th Manufacturing Engineering Society International Conference, Jun 2017, Vigo, France. pp.1440-1446
hal-01787420v1  Conference papers
Catherine Pons LelardeuxDavid PanzoliVincent LubranoVincent MinvillePierre Lagarrigue et al.  Training the operating room staff in a virtual multiplayer and real-time environment to prevent adverse events: study of team situation awareness and decision making using the learning game 3D virtual operating room
5th International Conference on Healthcare systems ergonomics and Patient safety - Healthcare and society : new challenges, new opportunities (HEPS 2016), Oct 2016, Toulouse, France. pp. 1-6
hal-01787391v1  Conference papers
Catherine Pons LelardeuxDavid PanzoliPierre LagarrigueJean-Pierre Jessel. Making Decisions in a Virtual Operating Room
17th International Conference on Collaboration Technologies and Systems (CTS 2016), Oct 2016, Orlando, United States. pp. 136-142
hal-01690134v1  Conference papers
Damien PhilipponMarc ChoisyAlexis DrogoulBenoit GaudouNicolas Marilleau et al.  Exploring trade and health policies influence on Dengue spread with an Agent-Based Model
17th International Workshop on Multi-Agent-Based Simulation (MABS 2016) at AAMAS 2016, May 2016, Singapore, Singapore. pp. 111-127
hal-01690132v1  Conference papers
Patrick TaillandierMathieu BourgaisPhilippe CaillouCarole AdamBenoit Gaudou. A situated BDI agent architecture for the GAMA modelling and simulation platform
17th International Workshop on Multi-Agent-Based Simulation (MABS 2016) at AAMAS 2016, May 2016, Singapore, Singapore. pp. 3-23
hal-01605328v1  Book sections
Patrick TaillandierArnaud BanosAlexis DrogoulBenoit GaudouNicolas Marilleau et al.  Simulating urban growth with raster and vector models: a case study for the city of Can Tho, Vietnam
Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems. AAMAS 2016., 10003 (Chapter 2), Springer International Publishing, 2017, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 978-3-319-51956-2. ⟨10.1007/978-3-319-51957-9_2⟩
hal-01566960v1  Conference papers
Mathieu BourgaisPatrick TaillandierLaurent Vercouter. Cognition, émotions et relations sociales pour la simulation multi-agent
Journées Francophones sur les Systèmes Multi-Agents (JFSMA 2017), Jul 2017, Caen, France
hal-01484963v1  Conference papers
Chi Quang TruongPatrick TaillandierBenoit GaudouQuang Minh VoTrung Hieu Nguyen et al.  Exploring agent architectures for farmer behavior in land-use change. A case study in coastal area of the Vietnamese Mekong Delta
13th International Workshop on Multi-Agent-Based Simulation (MABS 2015), May 2015, Istanbul, Turkey. pp. 146-158
hal-01394659v1  Conference papers
Nasser GasmiArnaud GrignardAlexis DrogoulBenoit GaudouPatrick Taillandier et al.  Reproducing and exploring past events using agent-based geo-historical models
15th International Workshop on Multi-Agent-Based Simulation (MABS 2014), May 2014, Paris, France. pp. 151-163