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hal-01826388v1  Conference papers
Benoit DucarougeThierry SentenacMichel Devy. 3D Object modelling from infrared stereo images with a calibration on rectified images
RFIA 2010 - 17ème Congrès francophone AFRIF-AFIA - Reconnaissance des Formes et Intelligence Artificielle, Jan 2010, Caen, France. p. 174-181
hal-01760280v1  Conference papers
Benoit DucarougeThierry SentenacFlorian BugarinMichel Devy. A global projective rectification approach for uncalibrated infrared stereo images
3DPVT 2010 -5th International symposium on 3D data processing, visualization and transmission, May 2010, Paris, France. 8 p
hal-02193363v1  Conference papers
J. AstoulMarc SartorJ. GeneixE. Mermoz. A method for mastering the contact path location of spiral bevel gears by optimizing machine-tool settings
IEEE/IACSIT ICMERA 2010, International Conference on Mechanical Engineering, Robotics and Aerospace, Bucharest, Romania, December 2-4, 2010, 2010, Bucharest, Romania
hal-02193813v1  Conference papers
C. PozzoliniS. CoganMichel Salaün. A modelling error localization process for large finite element models in structural dynamics
ECCM 2010 - 4th European Conference on Computational Mechanics - Paris (France), Mai, 2010, Paris, France
hal-02193844v1  Conference papers
C. RenaultStéphane ColinP. CognetT. TzédakisStéphane Orieux et al.  A multi-channel microreactor dedicated to the electro-organic synthesis
61st Annual Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry, Nice, France, 2010, Nice, France
hal-02193473v1  Conference papers
H. YoussefAndré FerrandP. PonsR. Plana. A new iterative algorithm for the solution for the load deflection square membranes
11th International Conference on Thermal Mechanical and Multi-Physics Simulation and Experiments in Micro/Nanoelectronics and Systems (EuroSimE 2010), 2010, Bordeaux, France
hal-02193651v1  Conference papers
Pascale MagaudS. GeoffroyStéphane ColinLucien Baldas. A review on inertial focusing of particles in microchannels for separation and other applications
2nd European Conference on Microfluidics (µFlu'10), Toulouse, France, 2010, Toulouse, France. pp.µFLU2010-195:1-13
hal-02152643v1  Conference papers
Julien AstoulMarc SartorJérôme GeneixEmmanuel Mermoz. A simple and robust method for spiral bevel gear generation and tooth contact analysis
IDMME, Virtual Concept 2010, Bordeaux, France, October 20-22, 2010, Bordeaux, France
hal-02152644v1  Conference papers
R. GrasH. LeclercS. RouxJean-Noël PériéS. Otin. A suited mesh for identification of macroscopic elastic parameters of a coarse microstructure of a 3D woven composite from digital image correlation
10th Texcomp International Conference on Textile Composites, Lille (France), 2010, Lille, France. pp.143-147
hal-02193368v1  Conference papers
Olivier CherrierV. BudingerF. Simon. Active Absorber with variable resonance frequency for acoustic control
International Conference on Noise and Vibration Engineering (ISMA), Leuven, Belgium, 2010, Leuven, Belgium
hal-02193219v1  Journal articles
W KaramJean-Charles Maré. Advanced model development and validation of landing gear shock struts
Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part G: Journal of Aerospace Engineering, 2010, 224 (5), pp.575--586. ⟨10.1243/09544100JAERO602⟩
hal-01760279v1  Conference papers
Gérard BernhartThierry Cutard. Ceramic die technology for superplastic forming : state of the art and recent improvements
International symposium on superplasticity and its related areas, 2010, Hitachi, Japan. p.76-85
hal-02193830v1  Conference papers
Aurélien MazzoniGérard BernhartThierry Cutard. Ceramic Fibre Reinforced Refractory Castables for Very High Temperature Superplastic forming
EuroSPF2010, 8th European Conference on Superplastic Forming, San Sebastian (Spain), 2010, San Sebastian, Spain
hal-02193472v1  Conference papers
A. Al MajidM. Abdul HamidAlain Berlioz. Comportement dynamique d'un disque de géométrie complexe. Application à une roue d’usinage
4th International Francophone Congress for Advanced Mechanics”, University of Aleppo, SYRIA, 19-21, April, 2010, University of Aleppo, Syria
hal-02193841v1  Conference papers
Aurélien MazzoniF. NazaretThierry Cutard. Comportement thermomécanique de bétons réfractaires renforcés de fibres
Matériaux 2010 Nantes, FRANCE 18-22 octobre 2010, 2010, Nantes, France
hal-01731446v1  Conference papers
Emeline BessardVincent VelayChristine BoherVincent DeboutOlivier Brucelle. Comportement tribologique d'un revêtement muni de particules lubrifiantes : expérimentation et modélisation
JIFT 2010 - Journées Internationales Francophones de Tribologie, May 2010, Albi, France. p.417-426
hal-02193108v1  Journal articles
K. VijayanRedouane ZitouneFrancis Collombet. Comprehensive Review on Drilling of Multimaterials Stacks
Journal of Machining and Forming Technologies, 2010, 2 (3/4), pp.171--200
hal-02193649v1  Conference papers
L. SzalmasJ. PitakarnnopS. GeoffroyStéphane ColinD. Valougeorgis. Computational and experimental investigation of binary gas flows through rectangular microchannels
2nd International GASMEMS Workshop (GASMEMS10), Les Embiez, France, 2010, Les Embiez, France. pp.GASMEMS2010-DY01:1-8
hal-02193658v1  Conference papers
A. FrajMarc BudingerT. El HalabiJean-Charles Maré. Coupling CAD and system simulation framework for the preliminary design of electromechanical actuators
Proceedings of IDMME - Virtual Concept 2010, Bordeaux, France, October 20 – 22, 2010, Bordeaux, France
hal-02193656v1  Conference papers
F. NazaretThierry CutardO. Barrau. Damage and creep modelling for refractory structure sizing
COM 2010 - 49th Annual Conference of Metallurgists, Oct 2010, Vancouver, Canada. p. 397-410
hal-02193782v1  Poster communications
S. RamdeLuc PenazziF. Ronde-OustauA. JefatC. Thuilliez et al.  De l'pération d'emboutissage à celle de poinçonnage en suivant le comportement de la tôle
Journée Aum / Afm 2010, Lorient, 25-27 Août 2010., 2010, Lorient, France. 2010
hal-02193653v1  Conference papers
H.-C. BoissonStéphane ColinW. GhozlaniLucien BaldasA. Kourta. Design and experimental analysis of a microfluidic oscillator for active flow control
2nd European Conference on Microfluidics (µFlu'10), Toulouse, France, 2010, Toulouse, France. pp.µFLU2010-182:1-11
hal-02193660v1  Conference papers
J. LiscouetMarc BudingerJean-Charles Maré. Design for reliability of electromechanical actuators
Proceedings of the 4th international conference on Recent Advances in Aerospace Actuation Systems and Components, June 24-26, 2010, Toulouse, France
hal-00992622v1  Journal articles
Stéphane SegondsChristian GoguYouchun QiuChristian BesA. Mauffrey. Design optimization under evidence based uncertainty with application to an engine connecting rod
International Journal of Design and Innovation Research, IJDIR, 2010, 5 (3), p. 77-91
hal-02193370v1  Conference papers
Jean-Charles MaréP.-E. Berthe. Design, virtual prototyping and test of a regenerative shock absorber for race cars
Bath/ASME Symposium on Fluid Power and Motion Control, Bath, England, 15-17 September, 2010, Bath, United Kingdom. pp.447-460
hal-02193369v1  Conference papers
T. MargerV. BudingerJean-Charles MaréF. Malburet. Designing redundant metering valves for hydraulic actuators under mixability and low-cost constraints
Proceedings of the 13th AIAA/ISSMO Multidisciplinary Analysis Optimization Conference, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Fortworth, USA, 13-15 September, 2010, Fortworth, Texas, United States
hal-00836236v1  Conference papers
J.C. DupréMichel BornertLaurent RobertBertrand Wattrisse. Digital image correlation: displacement accuracy estimation
14th International Conference on Experimental Mechanics, Jul 2010, Poitiers, France. pp.Cd-Rom
hal-02193748v1  Conference papers
Yves Gourinat. Dynamique des Voilures Tournantes
2nd Day in Aerospace Medicine, groupe régional Médecine Aéronautique et Spatiale Toulouse Enseignement Recherche (MASTER), Toulouse, 2010, Toulouse, France
hal-01760281v1  Conference papers
Talel Ben MbarekLaurent RobertFrançois HugotJean-José Orteu. Effect of carbon chain graft and additive on wood fiber / HDPE composite behavior
ICRACM 2010 -3rd International Conference on Recent Advances in Composite Materials, Dec 2010, Limoges, France. 8 p
hal-01760277v1  Conference papers
Laura BaleaGilles DusserreGérard BernhartNicolas Dumont. Effect of inlay fibres on the behaviour of dry knitted fabrics and resulting composites
ECCM 14 -14th European Conference on Composite Materials, Jun 2010, Budapest, Hungary. 10 p
hal-01771345v1  Conference papers
Tchadja KagnayaLaurence LambertChristine BoherThierry CutardMyriam Lazard et al.  Endommagement du WC-Co en usinage
Matériaux 2010, Oct 2010, Nantes, France. 11 p
hal-02193783v1  Poster communications
Luc PenazziSabine Le RouxV. LucinJ.-M. MouysS. Tovar et al.  Etude des dégradations des outils démboutissage et estimation des volumes dúsure
Colloque Des J. Internationales Francophones De Tribologie, Albi, 27-28 Mai 2010, 2010, Albi, France. 2010
hal-02193785v1  Poster communications
Y. BalcaenN. DecultotVanessa VidalVincent VelayL. Robert et al.  Étude des mécanismes de déformation en formage incrémental
Colloque Plasticité 2010, 2010, Toulouse, France. 2010