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hal-02138265v1  Journal articles
Pierre RahméYann LandonFrederic LachaudRobert PiquetPierre Lagarrigue. Analytical models of composite material drilling
International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Springer Verlag, 2011, 52 (5-8), pp.609-617. ⟨10.1007/s00170-010-2773-5⟩
hal-01771335v1  Conference papers
Laurent MaurinPierre FerdinandLaurent RobertJean-José Orteu. Capteur de Pression à réseaux de Bragg pour l'Elaboration Intelligente de pièces structurales Composites -Le projet ELICo-CP
12ème Colloque international francophone du club CMOI/SFO méthodes et techniques optiques pour l'industrie, Nov 2011, Lille, France. 8 p
hal-02187945v1  Conference papers
Etienne GourcGuilhem MichonSébastien SeguyAlain Berlioz. Comportement dynamique dún système non linéaire sous excitation harmonique
20ème Congrès Français de Mécanique, 28 août - 2 septembre 2011, Besançon, France, 2011, Besançon, France
hal-01760275v1  Conference papers
Catherine VergneOlivier JoosClaude GaspardJosé TinocoMohammed Moujib et al.  Damage mechanisms of HSM work roll grades for roughing stands -Tribological approach
Abrasion 2011 -Abrasion wear resistant alloyed white cast irons for rolling and pulverizing mills, Aug 2011, Liege, Belgium. p.193-200
hal-01644883v1  Conference papers
Laurent MaurinPierre FerdinandLaurent RobertJean-José Orteu. Development of an Integrated Fibre Bragg Grating Contact Pressure and Temperature Sensor for Composite Smart Manufacturing
hal-02058566v1  Conference papers
Jean-Charles PassieuxAnthony GravouilJ. RéthoréMarie-Christine Baietto. Direct estimation of generalized stress intensity factors using a multigrid XFEM
ECCOMAS thematic conference on eXtended Finite Element Methods, XFEM 2011, Jun 2011, Cardiff, United Kingdom
hal-02143369v1  Journal articles
Pierre RahméYann LandonPierre LagarrigueFrederic LachaudRobert Piquet. Drilling thick composite materials using large diameter drills
International Journal of Machining and Machinability of Materials, Inderscience, 2011, 10 (3), pp.202. ⟨10.1504/IJMMM.2011.042191⟩
hal-02187943v1  Conference papers
Etienne GourcGuilhem MichonSébastien SeguyAlain Berlioz. Experimental investigation and theoretical analysis of a nonlinear energy sink under harmonic forcing
ASME International Design Engineering Technical Conferences & Computers and Information in Engineering Conference IDETC/CIE 2011 VIB-48090, 28-31 août 2011, Washington, DC, États-Unis, 2011, Washington, United States. ⟨10.1115/DETC2011-48090⟩
hal-01703241v1  Conference papers
Vanessa VidalYannick BalcaenFlorence Pettinari-SturmelJoël DouinPhilippe Lours et al.  Experimental Study of the Deformation Mechanisms in Textured Alpha-titanium Alloy Sheets
Ti 2011 - 12th World conference on titanium, Jun 2011, Beijing, China. pp.1290-1293
hal-02187936v1  Conference papers
Mustapha S. FofanaSébastien Seguy. Feedback control of regenerative chatter in high speed machining
ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition IMECE2011-64824, 11-17 novembre 2011, Denver, CO, États-Unis, 2011, Denver, United States
hal-01005711v1  Conference papers
Christian GarnierMarie-Laetitia PastorBernard Lorrain. Finite element model for impact on composite structures
16th International Conference on Composite Structures, Jun 2011, Porto, Portugal
hal-01771336v1  Conference papers
Jean-José Orteu. Mesure de formes et de déformations par stéréo-corrélation d'images : applications en mécanique expérimentale des solides
12ème Colloque international francophone méthodes et techniques optiques pour l'industrie, Nov 2011, Lille, France. 33 p
hal-02056317v1  Conference papers
Jean-José Orteu. Mesure de formes par corrélation multi-images
Journée GDR ISIS/club EEA ”Mesure industrielle par vision”, Paris (France), 2 février 2011, 2011, Paris, France
hal-01764781v1  Conference papers
Sébastien TriolletLaurent RobertEmmanuel MarinY. Ouerdane. Monitoring of vacuum assisted resin transfer moulding (VARTM) process with superimposed fiber-bragg-gratings
OFS-21 -21st International conference on optical fiber sensors, May 2011, Ottawa, Canada. 77538W
hal-02160702v1  Conference papers
Patrice LongèreAnne-Gaëlle GeffroyBruno LebléAndré Dragon. Multi-stage viscoplasticity/damage modelling and simulation for ductile metals
CFRAC2011, International Conference on Computational Modeling of Fracture and Failure of Materials and Structures, Jun 2011, Barcelone, Spain
hal-02160497v1  Conference papers
Patrice LongèreAnne-Gaëlle GeffroyBruno LebléAndré Dragon. Multi-surface description of temperature- and strain rate-dependent damage initiation and growth in ductile viscoplastic materials
COMPLAS XI, XI International Conference on Computational Plasticity Fundamentals and Applications, Sep 2011, Barcelone, Spain
hal-01882953v1  Conference papers
Julien AubryPablo NavarroJean-François FerreroSteven MarguetSandrine Lemaire. Numerical study of the behavior of helicopter blades submitted to impacts at various angles
XVI International Conference on Composites Structures (ICCS XVI), Jun 2011, Porto, Portugal
hal-01729123v1  Book sections
Gérard BernhartPhilippe LoursThierry CutardVincent VelayFabien Nazaret. Processes and equipment for superplastic forming of metals
Extrait de : Superplastic forming of advanced metallic materials : methods and applications (chap. 3) / sous la dir. de G. GIULIANO, Woodhead Publishing, p.49-71, 2011, 978-1-84569-753-2. ⟨10.1533/9780857092779.1.49⟩
hal-01764782v1  Conference papers
Anthony DelmasJean-Marie BuchlinYannick Le Maoult. Shape and temperature field distortions induced by convective effect on hot object in different spectral bands
2nd Symposium of VKI PHD Research 2011, Mar 2011, Sint-Genesius-Rode, Belgium. p.205-213
hal-01893672v1  Conference papers
Eric ParoissienDenis Campassens. Stress analysis support to structural sealant development
14th Numerical Simulation Meeting, HUTCHINSON, Jun 2011, Cernay-la-ville, France. pp.0
hal-01709491v1  Conference papers
Rémi GilblasThierry SentenacD. HernandezYannick Le Maoult. Thermoreflectometry: a new system to determine the true temperature fields on surface with unknown emissivities
Thermosense : thermal infrared applications XXXIII, Apr 2011, Orlando, United States. art. 801305 - 12 p., ⟨10.1117/12.887569⟩