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hal-02290470v1  Conference papers
Лесные экосистемы бореальной зоны: биоразнообразие, биоэкономика, экологические риски, Aug 2019, Krasnoyarsk, Russia
hal-00147235v1  Conference papers
N. Lauth de ViguerieR. Bordes. Zwitterionic in ionic liquids
Molten salts 7, Aug 2005, Toulouse, France
cea-02328965v1  Conference papers
D. QuarantaE. MendesLaurent MassotMathieu GibilaroJ. Serp. Zirconium(IV) electrochemical behavior and electrorefining in molten fluoride salts
IPRC 2018 - International Pyroprocessing Research Conference 2018, Oct 2018, Tokai-Mura, Japan
hal-02437178v1  Conference papers
G MatusaliL HouzetAnne-Pascale SatieDominique MahéF. Aubry et al.  Zika virus replicates within the human testis and infects the germ line
20th European Testis Workshop, Obidos, May 2018, Obidos, Portugal
hal-02403659v1  Conference papers
Bernardo CougoThierry MeynardGuillaume GateauLenin Morais. Zero Sequences Optimizing Different Criteria for Three-Phase Multilevel Inverters
2018 IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition (ECCE), Sep 2018, Portland, France. pp.7243-7250, ⟨10.1109/ECCE.2018.8557898⟩
hal-02454543v1  Conference papers
Joël SerraAntonio Rui MelroGiuliano AllegriStephen R. Hallett. Z-Pin Through-thickness enhancement of a composite laminate with variable thickness
ICCM22 – International Conference on Composite Materials, Aug 2019, Melbourne, Australia
hal-02181922v1  Conference papers
Didier DuboisHenri Prade. Z-numbers as Generalized Probability Boxes
International Conference on Soft Methods in Probability and Statistics (SMPS 2018), Sep 2018, Compiègne, France. pp.68-77, ⟨10.1007/978-3-319-97547-4_10⟩
hal-01079125v1  Conference papers
Sylvie AthènesMathieu RaynalPhilippe TruilletJean-Luc Vinot. Ysilex : a Friendly reading Interface for Dyslexics
ICTA 2009, International Conference on Information & Communication Technologies : from Theory to Applications, May 2009, Hammamet, Tunisia
hal-03075210v1  Conference papers
Stéphanie Marty. Youtubeurs, hauls et swaps : quand les publics réinventent le commerce des produits dérivés de films
Colloque "Commerce du futur, futurs du commerce", Comité National Français de Géographie, Université Le Havre Normandie, Institut d'Urbanisme de Normandie, Le Havre, 30 mai-1er juin 2018, 2018, Le Havre, France
hal-02947734v1  Conference papers
Mathieu BacouAlain Bouzaïde TchanaDaniel Hagimont. Your Containers Should be WYSIWYG
IEEE International Conference on Services Computing (SCC 2019), Jul 2019, Milan, Italy. pp.56-64
hal-00140032v1  Conference papers
Wafa KarouiMarie-José HuguetPierre LopezWady Naanaa. YIELDS: A Yet Improved Limited Discrepancy Search for CSPs
4th International Conference, CPAIOR 2007, May 2007, Brussels, Belgium. pp.99-111
hal-01133599v1  Conference papers
Jean-Daniel ParisBoris BelanGérard AncelletPhilippe NédélecMikhail Arshinov et al.  YAK-AEROSIB: continental scale aircraft measurements of trace gases gases above Siberia
MOZAIC-IAGOS, Scientific Symposium on Atmospheric Composition Observation by Commercial Aircraft, May 2014, Toulouse, France
hal-00008593v1  Conference papers
Didier Barret. XTRA: The fast X-ray timing detector on XEUS
X-ray Timing 2003: Rossi and Beyond, 2004, Cambridge, MA, United States. pp.405-412
hal-02393374v1  Conference papers
Solène BéchuAnais LoubatMuriel BouttemyYves MarotThomas Blévin et al.  XPS profiling study of Al2O3 passivation layers for high efficiency n-PERT and PERC solar cells
2018 IEEE 7th World Conference on Photovoltaic Energy Conversion (WCPEC) (A Joint Conference of 45th IEEE PVSC, 28th PVSEC & 34th EU PVSEC), Jun 2018, Waikoloa Village, France. pp.3069-3072, ⟨10.1109/PVSC.2018.8547412⟩
hal-01287710v1  Conference papers
Qiankun SuKatia Jaffrès-RunserGentian JakllariCharly Poulliat. XOR Network Coding for Data Mule Delay Tolerant Networks
IEEE/CIC International Conference on Communications in China (ICCC 2015), Nov 2015, Shenzhen, China. pp.1-7
hal-01146864v1  Conference papers
Fatma AbdelhediLandry NtsamaGilles Zurfluh. Xml warehouse modelling and queryinq
10th International Conference Beyond Databases, Architectures and Structures - BDAS 2014, May 2014, Ustron, Poland. pp. 72-81
hal-02018617v1  Conference papers
Johannes WolfKonstantinos NikolakopoulosPatrice LongèreJean-Philippe CrétéJean-Marc Cadou. XFEM-CZM combination for the numerical treatment of ductile fracture
6th. European Conference on Computational Mechanics, Jun 2018, Glasgow, United Kingdom
hal-01761995v1  Conference papers
Philippe Sciau. XANES Full-field Study of Ancient Ceramics: Estimating Firing Conditions of Roman potteries
12th Symposium on Archaeometry in China (SAC-2014)., Nov 2014, Guangzhou China
hal-02161002v1  Conference papers
Damien BoloréMathieu GibilaroLaurent MassotPierre ChamelotEmmanuel Cid et al.  X-ray imaging of high temperature furnace applied to glass melting
25th International Congress on Glass, Jun 2019, Boston, United States
hal-02018615v1  Conference papers
Jean-Philippe CrétéPatrice LongèreJean-Marc Cadou. X-FEM assisted simulation of ductile damage induced 2D crack propagation
European Congress on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences and Engineering, Sep 2012, Vienne, Austria
hal-02101647v3  Conference papers
Léonard TorossianAurélien GarivierVictor Picheny. X -ARMED BANDITS: OPTIMIZING QUANTILES, CVAR AND OTHER RISKS
Asian Conference on Machine Learning, Nov 2019, Nagoya, Japan. pp.252-267
hal-01164003v1  Conference papers
Olesia MokrenkoM.-I Vergara-GallegoW LombardiSuzanne LesecqCarolina Albea-Sanchez. WSN Power Management with Battery Capacity Estimation
13th IEEE International NEW Circuits And Systems (NEWCAS) conference, Jun 2015, Grenoble, France
hal-01220490v1  Conference papers
O MokrenkoM.-I Vergara-GallegoW LombardiSuzanne LesecqCarolina Albea-Sanchez. WSN power management with battery capacity estimation
IEEE International New Circuits and Systems Conference (NEWCAS 2015), Jun 2015, Grenoble, France. ⟨10.1109/NEWCAS.2015.7182060⟩
hal-02558770v1  Conference papers
Claudia S. BianchiniFabrizio Borgia. Writing Sign languages: analysis of the evolution of the SignWriting system from 1995 to 2010, and proposals for future developments.
Int. Jubilee Congr. of the Technical University, University of Varna, Oct 2012, Varna, Bulgaria
hal-02823130v1  Conference papers
Dominique KerboeufFabrice GuégnardChristine KochYves Le VernRoger Alvinerie et al.  WP6 - Control of P-glycoprotein (Pgp) in both host and parasites for an improvement of anthelmintic treatment.
PARASOL - Sixth framework programme of the E.U. (Project FOOD-CT-2005-022851) - Novel solutions for the sustainable control of nematodes in ruminants, 2009, Edinburgh, United Kingdom. n.p
hal-02796101v1  Conference papers
Christian DucrotMarjolaine GautretMarie-Colette FaureThierry PineauAndré Jestin. WP2 Progress Report : Global Network on Infectious Diseases of Animals and Zoonoses
Annual meeting of the Staridaz project, Dec 2014, New Delhi, India. pp.30 slides
hal-01726414v1  Conference papers
Patrice AbryAndrew G. KleinPaul MessierStéphane G. RouxMargaret Holben Ellis et al.  Wove Paper Analysis through Texture Similarities
50th IEEE Annual Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems, and Computers (ASILOMAR 2016), Nov 2016, Pacific Grove, United States. pp. 144-148
hal-01981173v1  Conference papers
Mario TokoroKarama KanounKimio KuramitsuJean-Charles Fabre. WOSD 2011 The First International Workshop on Open Systems Dependability
International Workshop on Open Systems Dependability (WOSD), organised with DSN 2011, Jun 2011, Hong Kong, China. pp.593 - 594
hal-01239714v1  Conference papers
Amira DkhilStéphane LouiseChristine Rochange. Worst-Case Communication Overhead in a Many-Core based Shared-Memory Model
7th Junior Researcher Workshop on Real-Time Computing (JRWRTC 2013), Oct 2013, Sophia Antipolis, France. pp.53-56
hal-01140355v1  Conference papers
Rodrigo CoelhoGerhard FohlerJean-Luc Scharbarg. Worst-case backlpg for AFDX network with n-priorities
International Workshop on Real-Time Networks - RTN 2014, Jul 2014, Madrid, Spain. pp. 11-14
cea-01836859v1  Conference papers
L. AbdallahM. JanJ. ErmontC. Fraboul. Wormhole networks properties and their use for optimizing worst case delay analysis of many-cores
10th IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Embedded Systems (SIES), Jun 2015, Siegen, Germany. pp.59-68, ⟨10.1109/SIES.2015.7185041⟩
hal-00438086v1  Conference papers
Bich-Liên DoanJoemon M. JoseMassimo MelucciLynda Tamine-Lechani. Workshop on Contextual Information Access, Seeking and Retrieval Evaluation.
31st European Conference on Information Retrieval - ECIR'09, Apr 2009, Toulouse, France. pp. 801-802, ⟨10.1007/978-3-642-00958-7_89⟩
hal-01197376v1  Conference papers
Timo GiottoJens Thoemmes. Working-time regulations in France: the shift from law to collective bargaining and inter-individual negotiations
EGPA Annual Conference Toulouse - “Sociology of the State: Reforms & Resilience”, Aug 2015, Toulouse, France
hal-02444317v1  Conference papers
Luiz Fernando Lavado VillaJérémy Dulout. Working towards greener golf carts – A study on the second life of lead-acid batteries
2019 Fourteenth International Conference on Ecological Vehicles and Renewable Energies (EVER), May 2019, Monte-Carlo, France. pp.1-5, ⟨10.1109/EVER.2019.8813658⟩
hal-02809284v1  Conference papers
Jennifer GrantMarko ScholzeMathew WilliamsWigneron J.-P.Yann Kerr. Working towards a global-scale vegetation water product from SMOS optical depth
ESA Living Planet Symposium 2013, Sep 2013, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
hal-02743935v1  Conference papers
Jennifer GrantWigneron J.-P.Mathew WilliamsMarko ScholzeYann Kerr. Working towards a global-scale vegetation water product from SMOS optical depth
Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium (IGARSS), 2014 IEEE International, IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society (GRSS). USA., Jul 2014, Québec, Canada. ⟨10.1109/IGARSS.2014.6946413⟩
hal-03116310v1  Conference papers
Jordy RuizHugues CasséMarianne de Michiel. Working around loops for infeasible path detection in binary programs
IEEE International Working Conference on Source Code Analysis and Manipulation, Sep 2017, Shanghai, China. pp.1--10
hal-02264362v1  Conference papers
Mélanie PétéraRomain DalletChristophe DupérierFranck GiacomoniYann Guitton et al.  Workflow4Metabolomics: an international computing infrastructure for Metabolomics
2019 Galaxy Community Conference (GCC2019), Jul 2019, Freibourg, Germany
hal-02348240v1  Conference papers
Aakash SoniXiaoting LiJean-Luc ScharbargChristian Fraboul. Work in progress paper: pessimism analysis of network calculus approach on AFDX networks
12th IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Embedded Systems (SIES 2017), Jun 2017, Toulouse, France. pp.1-4
hal-00490382v1  Conference papers
Bernat GaciasJulien CegarraPierre Lopez. Work domain analysis and ecological interface for the vehicle routing problem
11th IFAC/IFIP/IFORS/IEA Symposium on Analysis, Design and Evaluation of Human-Machine System, Aug 2010, Valenciennes, France. 6p
hal-02611135v1  Conference papers
Abdelhamid ChellalMohand BoughanemBernard Dousset. Word Similarity Based Model for Tweet Stream Prospective Notification
ECIR 2017 39th European Conference on Information Retrieval, Apr 2017, Aberdeen, United Kingdom. pp.655-661
hal-02133948v1  Conference papers
John SusainathanFlorent EymaEmmanuel de LuyckerArthur CantarelBruno Castanié. WOOD-BASED COMPOSITE SANDWICH STRUCTURES
ECCM18 - 18th European Conference on Composite Materials, Jun 2018, Athènes, Greece. pp.24 - 28
hal-02052458v1  Conference papers
M. RamanakotoFlorent EymaT. RamanantoandroPhilippe GallienBruno Castanié. Wood surfaces characteristics for an acceptable bonding strength
22th International Wood Machining Seminar, 2015, Québec, Canada
hal-01219899v1  Conference papers
Yorian DelmasClaire Labit-BonisJérémy OuanélyYannick TraoréAurélien Veillard et al.  WithU : un robot low-cost de téléprésence
27ème conférence francophone sur l'Interaction Homme-Machine., Oct 2015, Toulouse, France. pp.d01
hal-01396861v1  Conference papers
Jérémie FourmannAnthony CoustouHervé AubertPatrick PonsJerôme Luc et al.  Wireless Sensors for the Incident Pressure Measurement in Air Blast
European Microwave Week (EuMW), Oct 2016, London, United Kingdom
hal-02066565v1  Conference papers
Hervé Aubert. Wireless reading and identification of passive millimeterwave sensors: Challenges and solutions
IEEE RFID Conference, Workshop on Chipless RFID Sensors: Challenges and Breakthroughs, Apr 2014, Orlando, United States
hal-01396848v1  Conference papers
Dominique HenryHervé AubertPatrick Pons. Wireless Passive Sensors Interrogation Technique Based on a Three-Dimensional Analysis
European Microwave Week (EuMW), Oct 2016, London, United Kingdom
hal-01053068v1  Conference papers
Émilie DebourgAyoub RifaiHervé AubertPatrick PonsIsabella Augustyniak et al.  Wireless passive high-doses radiation sensor
IEEE sensors 2014, Nov 2014, Valencia, Spain. 4p
hal-00670122v1  Conference papers
Patrick PonsHervé AubertPhilippe MeniniManos Tentzeris. Wireless Passive Autonomous Sensors with Electromagnetic Transduction
International Conference on Microwave and High Frequency Heating, Sep 2011, Toulouse, France
hal-00436716v1  Conference papers
Julien HenautAkram HakiriPascal BerthouDaniela DragomirescuThierry Gayraud et al.  Wireless Field Buses for Aerospace Ground and In-Flight Testing: an Experiment
FET 2009 - Fieldbuses and nEtworks in Industrial & Embedded Systems, May 2009, South Korea. pp.1
hal-01838554v1  Conference papers
Hervé AubertPatrick PonsDominique Henry. Wireless Detection, Identification and Reading of Passive Electromagnetic sensors based on Beam-Steering FMCW RADAR
1st URSI Atlantic Radio Science Conference (URSI AT-RASC), May 2015, Gran Canaria, Spain
hal-00656659v1  Conference papers
Xuan Hung NguyenGuy JuanoleGérard MouneyChristophe Calmettes. Wireless communication networks and process control applications: Studying the influence of MAC protocols
SACONAS 2010 - IEEE International Workshop Towards Smart Communications and Network technologies applied on Autonomous Systems (SaCoNAS), Dec 2010, Miami, United States. pp.1632 - 1637, ⟨10.1109/GLOCOMW.2010.5700216⟩
hal-00878252v1  Conference papers
Émilie DebourgAyoub RifaiSofiene BouazizAnya TraillePatrick Pons et al.  WIRELESS CHIPLESS PASSIVE MICROFLUIDIC TEMPERATURE SENSOR
Transducers, Jun 2013, Barcelone, Spain. pp.T3P.027
hal-01053192v1  Conference papers
Patrick PonsHervé AubertManos Tentzeris. Wireless chipless passive electromagnetic transducers for SHM applications
International Worshop on SHM (IWSHM), Sep 2013, Standford, United States. 8 p
hal-01570623v1  Conference papers
Cristina ArenasJulien PhilippeDominique HenryAlexandre RumeauHervé Aubert et al.  Wireless and Passive Nuclear Radiation Sensors
European Microwave Week, Oct 2017, Nuremberg, Germany. 5p
hal-01237557v1  Conference papers
Émilie DebourgHervé AubertPatrick PonsI AugustyniakP Knapkiewicz et al.  Wireless and chipless passive radiation sensors for high dose monitoring
International conference on Advancements in Nuclear Instrumentation Measurement Methods and their Applications (ANIMMA 2015), Apr 2015, Lisbonne, Portugal. 3p
hal-01240700v1  Conference papers
Adrien van Den Bossche.Thierry Val. WiNo : une plateforme d'émulation et de prototypage rapide pour l'ingénierie des protocoles en réseaux de capteurs sans fil
9emes Journees francophones Mobilite et Ubiquite (UBIMOB 2013), Jun 2013, Nancy, France. pp. 1-7
hal-01111886v1  Conference papers
Laurence SagliettoFrançois FulconisDidier BédéJoice de Almeira Goes. Wine industry Supply Chain (WSC) modeling: an Argentina-France comparison
Third International Workshop on Food Supply Chain, OIV, Nov 2014, San Francisco, United States
hal-01929488v1  Conference papers
Xingyu SuYannick PencoléAlban Grastien. Window-based Diagnostic Algorithms for Discrete Event Systems: What Information to Remember
25th International Workshop on Principles of Diagnosis (DX 14), Sep 2014, Graz, Austria
hal-00996716v1  Conference papers
Charlie VanaretNicolas DurandJean-Marc Alliot. Windmill Farm Pattern Optimization using Evolutionary Algorithms
GECCO 2014, Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference, Jul 2014, Vancouver, Canada. pp 181-182, ⟨10.1145/2598394.2598506⟩
hal-01914839v1  Conference papers
B. CougoT. MeynardF. ForestEric Labouré. Winding Position in Power Transformers to Reduce Copper Losses: Non Sinusoidal Currents
IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition - ECCE2009, 2009, San Jose, United States
hal-02042808v1  Conference papers
E. BoscoA. LuchettiS. TrapierF. Di VincenzoN. Gourdain et al.  Wind-tunnel testing for validation of a method for nonlinear fluid/structure interaction using surrogate models
The International Forum on Aeroelasticity and Structural Dynamics (IFASD), 2017, Como, Italy
hal-01129968v1  Conference papers
Brunilde GirardetLaurent LapassetDaniel DelahayeChristophe Rabut. Wind-Optimal Path Planning: Application to Aircraft Trajectories
ICARCV’14, 13th International Conference on Control, Automation, Robotics and Vision, Dec 2014, Singapore, Singapore
hal-02144745v1  Conference papers
Sheila KirkwoodAnne RéchouKerstin StebelBarabash VictoriaPhillip Chilson et al.  Wind profiling with ESRAD, the Esrange radar
COST-76 Wind Profiler Workshop, May 1997, Engelberg, Switzerland. pp.70-73
hal-01205251v1  Conference papers
Daniel DelahayeChristophe RabutStéphane Puechmorel. Wind Field Evaluation by Using Radar Data and Vector Spline Interpolation
Proceeding of the 9th IEEE International Conference on Control and Automation, 2011, Unknown, Unknown Region
hal-01343595v1  Conference papers
Karim LegrandDaniel DelahayeChristophe Rabut. Wind and Temperature Networking Applied to Aircraft Trajectory Prediction
ICRAT 2016, 7th edition of the International Conference on Research in Air Transportation, Jun 2016, Philadelphia, United States
hal-02614975v1  Conference papers
Rafael Bailon-RuizSimon Lacroix. Wildfire remote sensing with UAVs: A review from the autonomy point of view
International Conference on Unmanned Aircraft Systems (ICUAS 2020), Sep 2020, Athens, Greece
hal-01250651v1  Conference papers
Caroline CourbieresSabine Roux. Wikia: Between Documentary Simulacra and Documented Fictions
DOCAM 2015: Documents Unbounded, University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) and the School of Information Studies, Charles Sturt University, Jul 2015, Sydney, Australia
hal-02101106v1  Conference papers
Baptiste TrajinJérémi RégnierJean FaucherMarie Chabert. Wigner distribution of amplitude and phase wide-band modulations in induction motor stator current
6th International Conference on Condition Monitoring and Machinery Failure Prevention Technologies, Jun 2009, Dublin, Ireland. pp.0
hal-02299500v1  Conference papers
Baptiste TrajinMarie ChabertJérémi RégnierJean Faucher. Wigner distribution for the diagnosis of high frequency amplitude and phase modulations on stator currents of induction machine
2009 IEEE International Symposium on Diagnostics for Electric Machines, Power Electronics and Drives (SDEMPED 2009), Aug 2009, Cargese, France. ⟨10.1109/DEMPED.2009.5292804⟩
hal-01606148v1  Conference papers
Laura Soler-VascoJ.J. CerónA. GutierrezT. LuytenAnneleen Stinckens et al.  Widespread expression of serum amyloid a in porcine tissues
ESVCP & ISACP Congress, Sep 2008, Barcelona, Spain
hal-02964871v1  Conference papers
Denis StandarovskiMarc CousineauM. Lescure. Wideband, low-voltage CMOS sample-and-hold amplifier design
IMTC 2004. Proceedings of the 21st IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement Technology Conference, May 2004, Como, Italy. pp.1765-1770, ⟨10.1109/IMTC.2004.1351424⟩
hal-02050919v1  Conference papers
M. ConnellyS. MazzucatoH. CarrèreXavier MarieThierry Amand et al.  Wideband steady-state model of a strained MQW-SOA
14th International Conference on Numerical Simulation of Optoelectronic Devices (NUSOD 2014), Sep 2014, Palma de Mallorca, Spain. pp.123-124
hal-02505575v1  Conference papers
Hamza Kaouach. Wideband high-efficiency unit-cell for 1-bit and 2-bit transmit-arrays operating in X-band
2017 11th European Conference on Antennas and Propagation (EUCAP), Mar 2017, Paris, France. pp.2320-2324, ⟨10.23919/EuCAP.2017.7928034⟩
hal-01917874v1  Conference papers
Stéphane CalvezClément ArlottiAntoine MonmayrantOlivier Gauthier-LafayeNapoléon Gutierrez et al.  Wideband critically-coupled resonators
Laser Resonators, Microresonators, and Beam Control XX, Jan 2018, San Francisco, United States. 7p., ⟨10.1117/12.2289577⟩
insu-00280515v1  Conference papers
D. ChardonDenis Gapais. Wide hot orogens and flow regimes of weak lithospheres : A precambrian perspective
European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2008, Apr 2008, Vienne, Austria. pp.A-02855
hal-01710150v1  Conference papers
Nizar HabbachiHatem BoussettaMohamed KallalaAli BoukabachePatrick Pons et al.  Wide band RF MEMS VCO operating at 10 GHz
International Conference on Circuits, Systems, Control and Signals (CSCS), Jun 2017, Brasov, Romania. 5p
hal-01951686v1  Conference papers
Mary PoupotDavid DubucFrançois ArtisKatia GrenierJean-Jacques Fournié. Why using High Frequency Dielectric Spectroscopy for biological analytics?
IEEE Topical Conference on Biomedical Wireless Technologies, Networks, and Sensing Systems (BioWireleSS 2015 ), Jan 2015, San Diego, United States. 5p., ⟨10.1109/BIOWIRELESS.2015.7152123⟩
hal-02411290v1  Conference papers
Philippe OuzilleauAimen E. GheribiPatrice ChartrandGervais SoucyMarc Monthioux. Why some carbons may or may not graphitize? The point of view of thermodynamics.
The World Conference on Carbon ‘Carbon-2019’, American Carbon Society, Jul 2019, Lexington (KY), France