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hal-01822366v1  Conference papers
Gunasilan ManarPatrice Longère. Shear failure of AA2024 and AA7175 under high strain rate loading
ICEAF V - 5th International Conference of Engineering Against Failure - Proceeding, Jun 2018, Chios Island, Greece
hal-02045713v1  Conference papers
N. Binti Mat JaliPatrice Longère. Impact velocity-dependence of the fragmentation of shock-resistant PMMA
M2D2017, 7th International Conference on Mechanics and Materials in Design, Albufeira (Portugal), 11-15 June 2017, 2017, Albufeira, Portugal
hal-02152781v1  Conference papers
N. Binti Mat JaliPatrice Longère. Failure mechanisms of RT-PMMA under impact conditions
DynaMAT 2019 - 13th Workshop of Dynamic Behaviour of Materials and its Applications in Industrial processes, Apr 2019, Nicosia, Cyprus
hal-02151889v1  Conference papers
Gunasilan ManarNorazrina Mat JaliPatrice Longère. Dynamic crack arrest capability of some metallic alloys and polymers
DYMAT, 12th International Conference on Mechanical and Physical Behaviour of Materials under Dynamic Loading, Sep 2018, Arcachon, France. pp.02002, ⟨10.1051/epjconf/201818302002⟩
hal-02152791v1  Conference papers
Patrice LongèreGunasilan ManarN. Binti Mat Jali. Crack arrest capability of lightweight alloys and polymers under impact loading
ASIDIC 2019 - Aerospace Structural Impact Dynamics International Conference, Jun 2019, Madrid, Spain
hal-02152832v1  Conference papers
Gunasilan ManarPatrice Longère. Crack arrest capability of aluminium alloys under dynamic loading
ICEFA VIII, 8th International Conference on Engineering Failure Analysis, Jul 2018, Budapest, Hungary