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hal-00669716v1  Conference papers
Alexandre BoyerSonia Ben DhiaChristophe LemoineBertrand Vrignon. Construction and Evaluation of the Susceptibility Model of an Integrated Phase-Locked Loop
8th Workshop on Electromagnetic Compatibility of Itnegrated Circuits, Nov 2011, Dubrovnik, Croatia. pp.7
hal-01472756v1  Conference papers
François AïssaouiGene CoopermanThierry MonteilSaïd Tazi. Smart Scene Management for IoT-based Constrained Devices Using Checkpointing
15th IEEE International Symposium on Network Computing and Applications (NCA 2016), Oct 2016, Boston, United States. ⟨10.1109/NCA.2016.7778613⟩
hal-01867591v1  Conference papers
Éric ImbernonJean Louis SanchezPatrick AustinMarie BreilO Causse et al.  FLEXIBLE TECHNOLOGICAL PROCESS FOR FUNCTIONAL INTEGRATION
International Semiconductor Conference (CAS'2001), Oct 2001, Sinaia, Romania. pp.465-468
hal-01203507v2  Conference papers
Justin CarpentierSteve TonneauMaximilien NaveauOlivier StasseNicolas Mansard. A Versatile and Efficient Pattern Generator for Generalized Legged Locomotion
IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), May 2016, Stockholm, Sweden, May 2016, Stockholm, Sweden
hal-02369085v1  Conference papers
Ye Pyae Sone OoHerve Le SourneOlivier Dorival. Development of Analytical Formulae to determine the Response of Submerged Composite Plates subjected to Underwater Explosion
The 14th International Symposium on Practical Design of Ships and Other Floating Structures - PRADS 2019, Sep 2019, Yokohama, Japan
hal-01024205v1  Conference papers
Patrick PonsHervé AubertManos Tentzeris. Overview of Electromagnetic Transducers with Radar Interrogation for Passive Wireless Sensors Applications
International Conference on Microwaves, Radar and Wireless Communications (MIKON), Jun 2014, Gdansk, Poland
hal-01867610v1  Conference papers
Journées Nationales sur les Technologies Emergentes en Micro-nanofabrication, Nov 2008, Toulouse, France. 2p
hal-01867615v1  Conference papers
Véronique ConédéraFabien MesnilgrenteMagali BrunetNorbert Fabre. Fabrication of Activated Carbon Electrodes by Inkjet Deposition
The Fourth International Conference on Systems (ICONS 2009), Feb 2009, Cancun, Mexico. 5p
hal-01120813v2  Conference papers
Pierre GaillardSébastien Gerchinovitz. A Chaining Algorithm for Online Nonparametric Regression
COLT 2015, Jul 2015, Paris, France. pp.764-796
hal-02369342v1  Conference papers
Guillaume BarlowOlivier DorivalGuillaume Kemlin. Endommagements de composites stratifiés et sandwiches sous impact de gélatine moyenne vitesse
21e Journées Nationales sur les Composites - JNC21, Jul 2019, Bordeaux, France
ineris-01855079v1  Conference papers
Farid LaouafaJianwei GuoMichel QuintardHaishan Luo. Numerical modelling of salt leaching-dissolution process
49. US Rock Mechanics / Geomechanics Symposium, Jun 2015, San Francisco, CA, United States
hal-01024223v1  Conference papers
Izabela AugustyniakPawel KnapkiewiczJan DziubanMichal OlszackiA. Tchkalov et al.  Threshold sensor for high-doses of radiation
Int. Conf. On Mixed design of Integrated Circuits and Systems (MIXDES), Jun 2014, Lublin, Poland. pp.MIXDES Proceedings
hal-01372049v1  Conference papers
Rui WangJérémie GuiochetGilles Motet. A Framework for Assessing Safety Argumentation Confidence
8th International Workshop, SERENE , Sep 2016, Gothenburg, Sweden. ⟨10.1007/978-3-319-45892-2_1⟩
hal-00669721v1  Conference papers
Etienne SicardAlexandre Boyer. Enhancing Engineers Skills in EMC of Integrated Circuits
8th Workshop on Electromagnetic Compatibility of Integrated Circuits, Nov 2011, Dubrovnik, Croatia. pp.115
hal-01024248v1  Conference papers
Giancarlo VincenziGeorgios DeligeorgisFabio CoccettiPatrick Pons. Open-Thru de-embedding for Graphene RF devices
International Microwave Symposium (IMS), Jun 2014, Tampa Bay, Florida, United States. pp.Proceedings IMS
hal-01372016v1  Conference papers
Rui WangJérémie GuiochetGilles MotetWalter Schön. D-S Theory for Argument Confidence Assessment
4th International Conference on Belief Functions (BELIEF 2016), Sep 2016, Prague, Czech Republic. pp.190-200, ⟨10.1007/978-3-319-45559-4_20⟩
hal-00669719v1  Conference papers
Nestor BerbelRaul Fernandez-GarciaIgnacio GilBinhong LiSonia Ben Dhia et al.  An alternative approach to model the Internal Activity of integrated circuits
8th Workshop on Electromagnetic Compatibility of Integrated Circuits, Nov 2011, Dubrovnik, Croatia. pp.88
hal-01220490v1  Conference papers
O MokrenkoM.-I Vergara-GallegoW LombardiSuzanne LesecqCarolina Albea-Sanchez. WSN power management with battery capacity estimation
IEEE International New Circuits and Systems Conference (NEWCAS 2015), Jun 2015, Grenoble, France. ⟨10.1109/NEWCAS.2015.7182060⟩
hal-01867595v1  Conference papers
Éric ImbernonEmmanuel ScheidFrançoise RosselMarie BreilH Carrière et al.  RÉALISATION DE MURS P + TRAVERSANTS POUR DES FONCTIONS DE PUISSANCE INTÉGRÉES
Seminario Annual de Automatica, Electronica Industrial e Instrumentacion. Electronique de Puissance du Futur (SAAEI-EPF'04), Sep 2004, Toulouse, France. 4p
hal-00669533v1  Conference papers
Alexandre BoyerSonia Ben DhiaChristophe LemoineBertrand Vrignon. An On-Chip Sensor for Time Domain Characterization of Electromagnetic Interferences
8th Workshop on Electromagnetic Compatibility of Integrated Circuits (EMC Compo), Nov 2011, Dubrovnik, Croatia. pp.251
hal-00669726v1  Conference papers
Binhong LiNestor BerbelAlexandre BoyerSonia Ben DhiaRaul Fernandez-Garcia. Study of the impact of hot carrier injection to immunity of MOSFET to electromagnetic interferences
European Symposium on the Reliability of Electron Devices, Failure Physics and Analysis (ESREF 2011), Oct 2011, Bordeaux, France. pp.1557
hal-01276661v1  Conference papers
Jérémie GuiochetClaude Baron. UML based risk analysis - Application to a medical robot
Quality Reliability and Maintenance 5th International Conference, Oxford, UK, Apr 2004, Oxford, United Kingdom
hal-01226594v1  Conference papers
Charalampos RotsosGianni AntichiMarc BruyèrePhilippe OwezarskiAndrew W. Moore. OFLOPS-Turbo: Testing the next-generation OpenFlow switch
International Conference on Communication (ICC'2015), Jun 2015, London, United Kingdom. ⟨10.1109/ICC.2015.7249210⟩
hal-01703242v1  Conference papers
Gérard BernhartVincent VelayPhilippe Lours. Heat Resistant Ni-Cr-Fe Steels for Superplastic Forming Dies: From Material Microstructure to Die Design
ICSAM 2009 - 10th International Conference on Superplasticity in Advanced Materials, Jun 2009, Seattle, United States. pp.77-84, ⟨10.4028/⟩
hal-01774974v1  Conference papers
Justin S. LeontiniJisheng ZhaoHewawasam Gamage Kasun Gayantha JayatungaDavid Lo JaconoBoon Thong Tan et al.  Frequency Selection and Phase Locking during Aeroelastic Galloping
19th Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference, Dec 2014, Melbourne, Australia. pp. 1-4