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hal-00356850v1  Conference papers
Aubin LecointreDaniela DragomirescuPascal BerthouRobert Plana. A reconfigurable IR-UWB radio interface, with directional antennas and localization capability, for wireless sensor networks
14th IEEE International Conference on Electronics, Circuits and Systems, Dec 2007, Marrakech, Morocco. p. 1055-1058
hal-00356852v1  Conference papers
Ghalem BoudourAubin LecointrePascal BerthouDaniela DragomirescuThierry Gayraud. On Designing Sensor Networks with Smart Antennas
7th IFAC International Conference on Fieldbuses and nETworks in industrial and embedded systems, Nov 2007, Toulouse, France. p. 349-356
hal-00356854v1  Conference papers
Roxana AlbuAubin LecointreDaniela DragomirescuThierry GayraudPascal Berthou. Evaluation of UWB communication for in-flight entertainment system in the aircraft cabin
7th IFAC International Conference on Fieldbuses and nETworks in industrial and embedded systems, November 7-8-9, 2007, Nov 2007, Toulouse, France. p. 49-56
hal-00436716v1  Conference papers
Julien HenautAkram HakiriPascal BerthouDaniela DragomirescuThierry Gayraud et al.  Wireless Field Buses for Aerospace Ground and In-Flight Testing: an Experiment
FET 2009 - Fieldbuses and nEtworks in Industrial & Embedded Systems, May 2009, South Korea. pp.1
hal-00469476v1  Conference papers
Julien HenautAubin LecointreDaniela DragomirescuRobert Plana. Radio Interface for High Data Rate Wireless Sensor Networks
International Conference on Computing, Communications and Control Technologies, Jun 2008, Orlando, Fl, United States
hal-00472541v1  Conference papers
Akram HakiriPascal BerthouJulien HenautDaniela DragomirescuThierry Gayraud. Performance Evaluation of Wireless Sensor Network for Spatial and Aeronautic Systems
International Conference on Telecommunications (IEEE ICT 2010), Apr 2010, Doha, Qatar. 8p
hal-00469481v1  Conference papers
Julien HenautDaniela DragomirescuRobert Plana. FPGA Based High Data Rate Radio Interfaces for Aerospace Wireless Sensor Systems
The Fourth International Conference on Systems (ICONS 2009), Mar 2009, Gosier, France. p.173-178
hal-00464925v1  Conference papers
Mariano ErcoliMichael KraemerDaniela DragomirescuRobert Plana. A Passive Mixer for 60 GHz Applications in CMOS 65nm Technology
German Microwave Conference 2010, Mar 2010, Berlin, Germany
hal-00475631v1  Conference papers
Julien HenautDaniela DragomirescuFlorian PergetRobert Plana. Validation of the MB-OFDM Modulation for High Data Rate WSN for Satellite Ground Testing
5th International Conference on Systems (ICONS 2010), Apr 2010, Les Ménuires, France. p.41-46
hal-00419192v1  Conference papers
Jean-Marie DilhacMarise BafleurJean-Yves FourniolsChristophe EscribaRobert Plana et al.  Cross-functional design of wireless sensor networks applied to Aircraft Health Monitoring
International Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring, Sep 2009, Stanford, United States. pp.901-908
hal-00452693v1  Journal articles
Aubin LecointreDaniela DragomirescuRobert Plana. Channel Capacity Limitations versus Hardware Implementation for UWB Impulse Radio Communications
Romanian Journal of Information Science and Technology, Romanian Academy, 2009, pp.339-353
hal-01497552v1  Conference papers
A ÁlvarezMarise BafleurJean-Marie DilhacJ ColomerDaniela Dragomirescu et al.  Self-Powered energy harvester strain sensing device for structural health monitoring
POWERMEMS, Philippe Basset, Université Paris-Est, Dec 2016, Paris, France. pp.12070 - 12070, ⟨10.1088/1742-6596/773/1/012070⟩
hal-02083210v1  Book sections
Matthieu GastaldiDaniela DragomirescuAlexandru TakacsV ArmengaudSamuel Charlot. Compact phase shifting cell based on micro-strip slow wave lines Kapton flexible technology for V-band applications
Novel technologies for microwave and millimeter wave devices and circuits, Editura Academiei Române, 2017, 9789732728093
hal-02553318v1  Conference papers
William DerigentDaniela Dragomirescu. Communication materials applied to the construction industry : concepts and first results
3ème Journée Nationale Contrôle Santé et Monitoring des Structures, SHM-France, Mar 2020, Paris, France
hal-00420342v1  Journal articles
Michael KraemerDaniela DragomirescuRobert Plana. A Nonlinear Order-Reducing Behavioral Modeling Approach for Microwave Oscillators
IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2009, 57 (4), pp. 991 - 1006
hal-00591004v1  Journal articles
Aubin LecointreDaniela DragomirescuRobert Plana. A Largely Reconfigurable Impulse Radio UWB Transceiver
Electronics Letters, IET, 2010, 46 (6), p.453-455
hal-03014102v1  Conference papers
Gael LoubetAlexandru TakacsDaniela Dragomirescu. Implementation of a Wireless Sensor Network Designed to Be Embedded in Reinforced Concrete
46th Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society (IECON 2020), Oct 2020, Singapore, Singapore. pp.2195-2200, ⟨10.1109/IECON43393.2020.9255268⟩
hal-00420320v1  Journal articles
Aubin LecointreDaniela DragomirescuRobert Plana. Design and Hardware Implementation of a Reconfigurable Mostly Digital IR-UWB Radio
Romanian Journal of Information Science and Technology, Romanian Academy, 2008, 11 (4), pp. 295-318
hal-00420245v1  Journal articles
Aubin LecointreDaniela DragomirescuRobert Plana. System Architecture Modeling of an UWB Receiver for Wireless Sensor Network
Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer, 2007, pp. 408 - 420
hal-00591028v1  Conference papers
Daniela DragomirescuMichael KraemerMohamed Mehdi JatlaouiPatrick PonsHervé Aubert et al.  60GHz Wireless Nano-Sensors Network for Structure Health Monitoring as Enabler for Safer, Greener Aircrafts
Proceedings of SPIE- Advanced Topics in Optoelectronics Microelectronics and Nanotechnologies, Aug 2010, Constanta, Romania. pp.78215