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hal-02071136v1  Conference papers
Jéromine DumonYannick BuryNicolas GourdainLaurent Michel. Numerical and experimental investigations of buffet on a diamond airfoil designed for space launchers applications
IUTAM Symposium on Critical flow dynamics involving moving/deformable structures with design applications, Jun 2018, Santorini Island, Greece. pp.1-14
tel-00565878v1  Theses
Chemical and Process Engineering. Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse - INPT, 2007. English
hal-00911059v1  Conference papers
Manel FouratiVéronique RoigLudovic Raynal. Liquid dispersion in packed columns: experiments and numerical modelling
11th International Conference on Gas-Liquid & Gas-Liquid-Solid Reactor Engineering, Aug 2013, Séoul, South Korea. pp.266-278
hal-01914923v1  Conference papers
Freddy-Libardo Durán MartínezCarine Julcour-LebigueFaïçal LarachiPierre AlphonseAnne-Marie Billet. Development of a reactor-heat exchanger of monolith type for three-phase hydrogenation reactions: proof of concept and modelling strategy
10th International Symposium on Catalysis in Multiphase Reactors & 9th International Symposium on Multifunctional Reactors (CAMURE 10 & ISMR 9), Jul 2017, Qingdao, China. pp.0
hal-00915110v1  Conference papers
Marie-Charlotte GauffreHervé NeauOlivier SimoninRenaud AnsartNicolas Meyers et al.  Numerical simulation of a 3D unsteady two-phase flow in the filling cavity in oxygen of a cryogenic rocket-engine
48th AIAA/ASME/SAE/ASEE Joints Propulsion Conference and Exhibit, AIAA, Jul 2012, Alabama, United States
hal-02071741v1  Conference papers
Jéromine DumonNicolas GourdainYannick BuryLaurent Michel. Fluid-structure interaction between a composite aileron and a turbulent flow at transonic conditions
53rd 3AF International Conference on Applied Aerodynamics, Mar 2018, Salon de Provence, France. pp.1-10
hal-02077422v1  Conference papers
Yann DufresneVincent MoureauEnrica MasiOlivier SimoninJeremy Horwitz. Simulation of a reactive fluidized bed reactor using CFD/DEM
Center for Turbulence Research Summer Program 2016, Jun 2016, Stanford, United States. pp.35-44
hal-01818196v1  Reports
Daniel RathgebEugen VolkYosandra SandovalGeorges da CostaThomas Zilio et al.  CoolEmAll D2.4 First release of the simulation and visualisation toolkit
[Research Report] IRIT-Institut de recherche en informatique de Toulouse. 2013
tel-00833037v1  Theses
Grégory Huber. Modélisation des effets d'interpénétration entre fluides au travers d'une interface instable.
Mécanique des fluides [physics.class-ph]. Aix-Marseille Université, 2012. Français
hal-02373262v1  Conference papers
D. FletcherM AvilaM PouxC XuerebJoelle Aubin. CFD Modelling of Micromixing in a T-mixer with Square Bends
16th European Conference on Mixing, Sep 2018, Toulouse, France
hal-00707483v1  Journal articles
J.-P. TorrePeter HigginsCatherine XuerebD. F. Fletcher. A novel method to include the free surface in a CFD model of jet injection into partially-baffled mixing vessels
Progress in Computational Fluid Dynamics, An International Journal, Inderscience, 2009, 9 (6/7), pp.368-374. ⟨10.1504/PCFD.2009.027367⟩
hal-00464451v1  Journal articles
Nicolas ReugeLoic CadoretBrigitte Caussat. Multifluid eulerian modelling of a silicon fluidized bed chemical vapor deposition process : analysis of various kinetic models
Chemical Engineering Journal, Elsevier, 2009, vol. 148 n° 2-3., pp. 506-516 available on : http://oatao.univ-toulouse.fr/2230/1/Reuge_2230.pdf