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hal-00474909v1  Journal articles
Sébastien DryepondtDaniel MonceauFabrice CrabosEric Andrieu. Static and dynamic aspects of coupling between creep behavior and oxidation on MC2 single crystal superalloy at 1150 °C
Acta Materialia, Elsevier, 2005, vol. 53 n° 15., 4199-4209 available on : http://oatao.univ-toulouse.fr/490/1/dryepondt_490.pdf
hal-01850815v1  Books
S. RahalGéraldine Casaux-GinestetAlain Sellier. Relative Contributions of Solid Skeleton Visco-Plasticity and Water Viscosity to the Poro-Mechanics Behavior of Callovo-Oxfordian Claystone
Onate, E. and Owen, D. R. J. and Peric, D. and Suarez, B. Int Center Numerical Methods Engineering, 2013, 978-84-941531-5-0
tel-01824322v1  Theses
Damien Texier. Mesure et Evolution des gradients de propriétés mécaniques dans le système superalliage à base de nickel MC2 revêtus McrAlY
Mécanique des matériaux [physics.class-ph]. Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse, 2013. Français
hal-01849762v1  Journal articles
Thierry VidalAlain SellierW. LadaouiX. Bourbon. Effect of Temperature on the Basic Creep of High-Performance Concretes Heated between 20 and 80 degrees C
Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering, American Society of Civil Engineers, 2015, 27 (7), pp.B4014002. ⟨10.1061/(ASCE)MT.1943-5533.0001063⟩
hal-01849763v1  Journal articles
H. CagnonThierry VidalAlain SellierX. BourbonG. Camps. Drying creep in cyclic humidity conditions
Cement and Concrete Research, Elsevier, 2015, 76, pp.91--97. ⟨10.1016/j.cemconres.2015.05.015⟩
tel-01686711v1  Theses
Ponleu Chhun. Thermo-hydro-chemo-mechanical modeling of inner containments of nuclear reactor buildings in prestressed concrete
Mechanics [physics.med-ph]. University Paul Sabatier Toulouse III; Laboratory LMDC, 2017. English
hal-01703275v1  Conference papers
Farid BenboudjemaLaurie LacarriereAgnieszka KnoppikMateusz Wyrzykowski. MODELING OF CONCRETE AT EARLY AGE -BENCHMARK CARRIED OUT WITHIN COST TU 1404
JCI-RILEM International Workshop on "Control of Cracking of Mass Concrete and Related Issues Concerning Early Age Cracking of Concrete Structures" - CONCRACK5-, Apr 2017, Tokyo, Japan
hal-01186469v1  Journal articles
Lavina BadeaMartin SurandJacques RuauBernard Viguier. Creep behavior of Ti-6Al-4V from 450°C to 600°C
University Polytechnica of Bucharest Scientific Bulletin, Series B, 2014, vol. 76 (n° 1), pp.185-196
tel-01320921v3  Theses
Arnaud Proietti. Rhéologie d'agrégats olivine-orthopyroxène sous haute pression
Sciences de la Terre. Université Paul Sabatier - Toulouse III, 2016. Français. ⟨NNT : 2016TOU30171⟩
hal-02001189v1  Conference papers
R. BucherHugo CagnonThierry VidalMartin Cyr. Comparative Study of Compressive Creep Behavior of Concrete with Metakaolin or Silica Fume
2nd International Conference on Calcined Clays for Sustainable Concrete, Dec 2017, Havana, Cuba. pp.80-85
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