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hal-01350538v1  Conference papers
Romain RodriguesStéphanie BeteluStéfan ColombanoGuillaume MasselotThéo Tzedakis et al.  Aqueous Solubility and Chemical Reductive Remediation of Hexachloroethane and Hexachlorobutadiene
International Symposium on Persistent Toxic Substances ISPTS 2016, Oct 2016, Leipzig, Germany
tel-01261471v1  Theses
He Huang. Development of predictive models for electromagnetic robustness of electronic components
Micro and nanotechnologies/Microelectronics. Institut national des sciences appliquées de Toulouse, 2015. English
hal-02442019v1  Conference papers
Célia Martinie de Almeida. From Aircrafts Interactive Cockpits to Autonomous Vehicles: Are Design Principles Transferable ?
34th Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems Workshop: HCI and Autonomous Vehicles (Workshop CHI 2016), May 2016, San Jose, United States. pp.1-4
hal-01849710v1  Journal articles
Arnaud CastelInamullah KhanRaoul FrançoisRaymond Ian Gilbert. Modeling Steel Concrete Bond Strength Reduction Due to Corrosion
Structural Journal, American Concrete Institute, 2016, 113 (5), pp.973--982. ⟨10.14359/51688925⟩
hal-01922649v1  Journal articles
B PawlakT. JanssensS. SinghI. Kuzma-FilipekJ. Robbelein et al.  Studies of implanted boron emitters for solar cell applications
Progress in Photovoltaics: Research and Applications, 2012, 20 (1), pp.106 - 110. ⟨10.1002/pip.1106⟩
hal-01217222v1  Conference papers
Alberto PasquiniMartina RagostaSara SilvagniMark-Alexander SujanEric Rigaud et al.  Modelling of Automation Degradation : a Case Study
3rd SESAR Innovation Days (SESAR 2013), Nov 2013, Stockholm, Sweden. pp. 1-8
hal-00878241v1  Conference papers
I. AugustyniakJ. DziubanP. KnapkiewiczMatusiak MMichal Olszacki et al.  MEMS HIGH-DOSES RADIATION SENSOR
Transducers, Jun 2013, Barcelone, Spain. pp.T4A.005
hal-00277662v1  Journal articles
B. XuN-Yu. GaoX.-F. SunS.-J. XiaM. Rui et al.  Photochemical degradation of diethyl phthalate with UV/H2O2
Journal of Hazardous Materials, Elsevier, 2007, 139 (Issue 1), pp.132-139. ⟨10.1016/j.jhazmat.2006.06.026⟩
hal-02143216v1  Journal articles
Patricia TaillandierJean-Pierre RibaPierre Strehaiano. Malate utilization by Schizosaccharomyces pombe
Biotechnology Letters, Springer Verlag, 1988, 10 (7), pp.469-472. ⟨10.1007/BF01027058⟩