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hal-01303159v1  Journal articles
Thierry DufourLawrence J. OverzetRemi DussartL. C. PitchfordN Sadeghi et al.  Experimental study and simulation of a micro-discharge with limited cathode area
The European Physical Journal D : Atomic, molecular, optical and plasma physics, EDP Sciences, 2010, 60, pp.565-574. ⟨10.1140/epjd/e2010-00273-6⟩
hal-01653319v1  Conference papers
Rafael DiezHubert PiquetSounil BhosleJean-Marc BlaquièreNicolas Roux. Design of a Current Converter for the Study of the UV Emission in DBD Excilamps
2008 IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Electronics, Jun 2008, Cambridge, United Kingdom. pp. 62-67
hal-01503103v1  Conference papers
E. PanousisA. RicardF. GaboriauFranck ClementE. Lecoq et al.  Active species in the afterglow of an atmospheric pressure DBD under bipolar pulsed HV excitation
GD 2008 - 17th International Conference on Gas Discharges and Their Applications, 2008, Cardiff, Unknown Region. pp.285--288
hal-01503104v1  Conference papers
E. PanousisN. MerbahiM. YousfiO. EichwaldFranck Clement et al.  Experimental study of an atmospheric pressure DBD under unipolar pulsed HV excitation
GD 2008 - 17th International Conference on Gas Discharges and Their Applications, 2008, Cardiff, Unknown Region. pp.269--272
hal-02135693v1  Conference papers
Baptiste TrajinZiad ObeidJérémi RégnierJean FaucherPascal Maussion. Détection de dégradations et d'usures des roulements à billes d'un entrainement électrique
22 ème édition des Journées internationales et francophones de tribologie, JIFT2010, May 2010, Albi, France. pp.27-36
hal-02141706v1  Conference papers
Ronan MichaudArnaud StolzSylvain IséniOlivier AubryPhilippe Lefaucheux et al.  Study of long lifetime DC microdischarges on silicon elaborated by MEMS fabrication techniques
71st Annual Gaseous Electronics Conference, Nov 2018, Portland, United States
hal-01659579v1  Conference papers
Thierry LebeyBenjamin CellaThibaut BillardCédric Abadie. Partial Discharges in Aeronautics: The last frontier?
ICPADM 2015 (11th International Conference on the Properties and Applications of Dielectric Materials), Jul 2015, Sydney, Australia. pp. 268-271
hal-01866452v1  Conference papers
P. CasteraP.-Q. EliasChristophe Laux. Application of linear sliding discharges for flow control: study of the energy coupling mechanisms
45th AIAA Plasmadynamics and Lasers Conference, AIAA Aviation and Aeronautics Forum and Exposition, Jun 2014, Atlanta, United States
hal-00911120v1  Conference papers
Francisco PizarroRomain PascaudOlivier PascalThierry CallegariLaurent Liard. Experimental Study of RF/Microplasma Interaction Using an Inverted Microstrip Line
Antennas and Propagation (EuCAP), 2013 7th European Conference on, Apr 2013, Gothenburg, Sweden. pp. 1187-1190
hal-01661692v1  Conference papers
Cédric AbadieThibaut BillardThierry Lebey. Numerical signal processing methods for partial discharge detection in more electrical aircraft
ICD 2016 (1st Conference on Dielectrics), Jul 2016, Montpellier, France. pp. 1-4
hal-02286104v1  Conference papers
Remi DussartRonan MichaudSylvain IséniOlivier AubryArnaud Stolz et al.  DC microplasma arrays on silicon wafers
45th European Physical Society Conference on Plasma Physics, 2, Pragu, Czech Republic, Unknown Region
hal-01660829v1  Conference papers
Alaa HilalBernardo CougoThierry Meynard. Characterization of High Power SiC Modules for More Electrical Aircrafts
IECON 2016 (42nd Annual Conference of IEEE Industrial Electronics Society), 2016, Firenzi, Italy. pp. 1087-1092
hal-01660885v1  Conference papers
Anne CastelanBernardo CougoJulio Cezar BrandeleroDidier FlumianThierry Meynard. Optimization of forced-air cooling system for accurate design of power converters
ISIE 2015 (24th IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Electronics), Jun 2015, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. pp. 367-372
hal-01662601v1  Conference papers
Victor dos SantosBernardo CougoNicolas RouxBruno SareniBertrand Revol et al.  Trade-off between Losses and EMI Issues in Three-Phase SiC Inverters for Aircraft Applications
EMC 2017 (Electromagnetic Compatibility, Signal and Power Integrity), Aug 2017, Washington, United States. pp. 1-6
hal-01662818v1  Conference papers
Alexandre GiraudAlix BernotYan LefevreJean-François Llibre. Modelling quasi-static magnetic hysteresis: a new implementation of the play model based on experimental asymmetric B(H) loops
ICEM'2016 (XXIIth International Conference on Electrical Machines), Sep 2016, Lausanne, Switzerland. pp. 1895-1901
tel-01414273v1  Habilitation à diriger des recherches
Gwenaël Fubiani. Modeling of the negative ion source and accelerator of the ITER Neutral Beam Injector
Plasma Physics [physics.plasm-ph]. Université Toulouse III Paul Sabatier, 2016
in2p3-00338204v1  Poster communications
M. BacalP. SvarnasJ. BretonS. BéchuDidier Lemoine et al.  Distribution of H- ions in the vicinity of the extraction aperture
19th Europhysics Conference on the Atomic and Molecular Physics of Ionized Gases (ESCAMPIG), 2008, Granada, Spain