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hal-01603292v1  Poster communications
Izabella Bouhid de AguiarT. van de LaarMartine MeirelesAntoine BouchouxJoris Sprakel et al.  Deswelling and deformation of microgels in concentrated packings
31. Conference of the European Colloid and Interface Society, Sep 2017, Madrid, Spain. 2017
hal-01603305v1  Poster communications
Izabella Bouhid de AguiarMartine MeirelesAntoine Bouchoux. Compressive behavior of polydisperse suspensions of permeable and deformable microgels
Journées du Groupement de Recherche GDR 2980 Approches Multi-physiques pour les Colloïdes Concentrés (AMC2), Oct 2015, Carry le Rouet, France. 2015
hal-01850513v1  Conference papers
Pascal BelaubreM. GuirardelVéronique Le BerreA. DagkessamanskaiaE. Trevisiol et al.  Silicon-based microcantilevers for multiple biological sample deposition
IEEE International Solid-State Sensors and Actuators Conference, Jun 2003, Boston, United States. pp.1816-1819, ⟨10.1109/SENSOR.2003.1217140⟩