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hal-02018620v1  Conference papers
Johannes WolfPatrice LongèreJean-Marc CadouJean-Philippe Crété. Numerical treatment of the damage/crack transition in a Gurson ductile material
4th International Conference on Computational Modeling of Fracture and Failure of Materials and Structures, Jun 2015, Cachan, France
hal-02047615v1  Conference papers
Jean-Philippe CrétéJ. WolfPatrice LongèreJ.-M. Cadou. Modélisation numérique de la rupture ductile par une approche couplant X-FEM et zone cohésive
GDR CNRS MePhy Mécanique et Physique des Systèmes Complexes - Nouveaux défis en mécanique de la rupture, Paris (France), 27-28 Nov. 2017, 2017, Paris, France
hal-02152063v1  Conference papers
Konstantinos NikolakopoulosJean-Philippe CrétéPatrice Longère. Une méthodologie couplant XFEM et CZM pour la simulation de la propagation 3D de fissures dans des métaux ductiles
CSMA2019, 14ème Colloque National en Calcul des Structures, May 2019, Presqu'île de Giens, France
hal-02946817v1  Conference papers
Nikolena ChristofiClaude BaronX PucelM PantelM Machin et al.  Adopting a model-based approach for satellite operations' diagnosis
13ème Conférence Internationale de Modélisation, Optimisation et Simulation (MOSIM 2020), Nov 2020, Agadir, Morocco
hal-02024372v1  Conference papers
Patrice LongèreJ. WolfJean-Philippe CrétéJean Marc Cadou. Combinaison X-FEM/CZM pour la modélisation numérique de la rupture ductile
GT MECAMAT - Physique, Mécanique et Modélisation de l'Endommagement et de la Rupture - Transition Endommagement-Rupture, Paris (France), 6 Oct. 2017, 2017, Paris, France
hal-02485680v1  Conference papers
Konstantinos NikolakopoulosJean-Philippe CrétéPatrice Longère. Progressive failure of ductile materials: Description via a three-dimensional coupled CZM-XFEM approach
ICPDF 2020 - International Conference on Plasticity, Damage and Fracture, Jan 2020, Rivera Maya, Mexico
hal-01926880v1  Conference papers
Johannes WolfJean-Philippe CrétéPatrice LongèreJean-Marc Cadou. Transition endommagement diffus vers fissuration par introduction d'une bande cohésive dans X-FEM
13e colloque national en calcul des structures, Université Paris-Saclay, May 2017, Giens, Var, France
hal-02018612v1  Conference papers
Johannes WolfPatrice LongèreJean-Marc CadouJean-Philippe Crété. Numerical modelling of the damage-to-fracture transition in a ductile material
5th International Conference on Integrity-Reliability-Failure, Jul 2016, Porto, Portugal
hal-02157567v1  Conference papers
Konstantinos NikolakopoulosJean-Philippe CrétéPatrice Longère. Combination of XFEM and CZM for the numerical simulation of ductile fracture
CFRAC2019, 6th International Conference on Computational Modeling of Fracture and Failure of Materials and Structures, Jun 2019, Braunschweig, Germany
hal-01885024v1  Journal articles
Emin BayraktarDominique KaplanChristophe BuiretteMarc Grumbach. Application of impact tensile testing to welded thin sheets
Journal of Materials Processing Technology, Elsevier, 2004, 145 (1), pp.27 - 39. ⟨10.1016/S0924-0136(03)00859-8⟩
hal-02018618v1  Conference papers
Johannes WolfPatrice LongèreJean-Marc CadouJean-Philippe Crété. Numerical simulation of dynamic crack propagation in ductile materials
3rd ECCOMAS Young Investigators Conference, Jul 2015, Aachen, Germany
hal-02018615v1  Conference papers
Jean-Philippe CrétéPatrice LongèreJean-Marc Cadou. X-FEM assisted simulation of ductile damage induced 2D crack propagation
European Congress on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences and Engineering, Sep 2012, Vienne, Austria
hal-02018617v1  Conference papers
Johannes WolfKonstantinos NikolakopoulosPatrice LongèreJean-Philippe CrétéJean-Marc Cadou. XFEM-CZM combination for the numerical treatment of ductile fracture
6th. European Conference on Computational Mechanics, Jun 2018, Glasgow, United Kingdom
hal-02018624v1  Conference papers
Jean-Philippe CrétéPatrice LongèreJean-Marc Cadou. Numerical simulation of crack propagation in a ductile viscoplastique material using X-FEM
International Conference on Extended Finite Element Method, Sep 2013, Lyon, France. pp.135 - 150
hal-02018626v1  Poster communications
Johannes WolfPatrice LongèreJean-Marc CadouJean-Philippe Crété. Numerical modelling of the damage-to-crack transition in a Gurson-type material
24th International Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Aug 2016, Montréal, Canada
hal-03001308v1  Conference papers
Zolghadri MarcRob VingerhoedsClaude BaronSophia Salas-Cordero. Analysing the impact of system obsolescence based on system architecture models
International Symposium on Tools and Methods of Competitive Engineering (TMCE), May 2020, dublin, Germany
hal-03103055v1  Conference papers
Sophia Karolina Salas CorderoRob A. VingerhoedsMarc ZolghadriClaude Baron. Addressing Obsolescence from day one in the conceptual phase of complex systems as a design constraint
IFIP 17th International Conference on Product Lifecycle Management, Jul 2020, Rapperswil-Jona, Switzerland. pp.369-383