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hal-01706708v1  Conference papers
Sébastien BalinSylvain SalvadorGérald DebenestJean-Francois Thovert. CO and CO2 formation at carbon smoldering - Combustion tube experiments
MCS 2015 - 9th Mediterranean Combustion Symposium, Jun 2015, Rhodes, Greece. 12 p
hal-00419224v1  Conference papers
M.F. MartinsSylvain SalvadorG. DebenestJ.-F. Thovert. Pyrolysis and combustion of oil shale for oil recovery
18th Int. Symposium on Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis, May 2008, Canary Islands, Spain
hal-00990090v1  Conference papers
Laurent DavidAmine MehelLaurent TarradeAlain TexierMichel Larinier. Modification of vortex structures in fishways by cylinder adjunction
13th International Symposium on Flow Visualization - ISFV13, Jul 2008, Nice, France. pp. 1667-1676
hal-00477721v1  Conference papers
G. DebenestV. MourzenkoJ.-F. Thovert. Three-Dimensional Microscale Numerical Simulation of Smoldering
AICHE 2006 annual Meeting, Nov 2006, San Francisco, United States. pp
hal-01116497v1  Journal articles
Sylvain RaynalLudovic ChatellierDominique CourretMichel LarinierLaurent David. Streamwise bars in fish-friendly angled trashracks
Journal of Hydraulic Research, Taylor & Francis, 2014, vol. 52 (n° 3), pp.426-431. ⟨10.1080/00221686.2013.879540⟩
hal-02304330v1  Conference papers
L. PerretRomain MathisJérémy BasleyKarin Blackman. Influence of roughness density on scale interaction in the urban roughness sublayer
The 12th Euromech Fluid Mechanics Conference, Sep 2018, Vienna, Austria
hal-00470608v1  Conference papers
M. ElayebG. DebenestV. MourzenkoJ.-F. Thovert. Microscale simulations of oil shale combustion
9ème Journées d'Etudes sur les Milieux Poreux, Oct 2009, Orsay, France. pp
hal-01753261v1  Conference papers
Mohamed SennouneSylvain SalvadorGerald DebenestValeri Mourzenko. Mixing of an oil shale with inert or reactive media to avoid decarbonation at the passage of a combustion front
CURIPC -Canadian unconventional resources and international petroleum conference, Oct 2010, Calgary, Canada. 17 p
hal-02018013v1  Journal articles
Lucas DigianantonioMelanie GauvinThomas AlnasserDavid BabonneauBenoit Viallet et al.  Influence of the Humidity on Nanoparticle-Based Resistive Strain Gauges
Journal of Physical Chemistry C, American Chemical Society, 2016, 120 (10), pp.5848-5854
hal-00321699v1  Journal articles
R. El AkouryM. BrazaR. PerrinG. HarranY. Hoarau. The three-dimensional transition in the flow around a rotating cylinder
Journal of Fluid Mechanics, Cambridge University Press (CUP), 2008, 607, pp.1-11
hal-00418879v1  Conference papers
G. DebenestJ.-F. Thovert. Coupling Micro and Macroscale in Combustion in Porous Media
AICHE 2008 Annual Meeting, Nov 2008, Philadelphie, United States. pp.0
hal-00695299v1  Journal articles
Xavier NicolasP. TraoréA. MojtabiJ.-P. Caltagirone. Augmented Lagrangian method and open boundary conditions in 2D simulation of Poiseuille-Bénard channel flow
International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids, Wiley, 1997, 25 (3), pp.265-283
hal-00421217v1  Conference papers
M. ElayebG. DebenestV. MourzenkoJ.-F. Thovert. 3d microscale simulations of smoldering
MCS 6, Jun 2009, Ajaccio, France
hal-02047618v1  Conference papers
H.L. DorothyPatrice LongèreA. Dragon. Coupled ASB- and microvoiding-assisted dynamic ductile failure
23rd DYMAT Technical Meeting, Dynamic fracture of ductile materials, Trondheim (Norway), 12-14 September 2017, 2017, Trondheim, Norway. ⟨10.1016/j.proeng.2017.08.082⟩