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hal-02407634v1  Conference papers
Lucien SchwabPierre AllainDidier TheronMarc FaucherBenjamin Walter et al.  Optomechanics: a key towards next-generation experiments in atomic force microscopy?
International Conference on Quantum Metrology and Sensing, Dec 2019, Paris, France
hal-02050220v1  Conference papers
R. BerthelonF. AndneuF. TriozonM. CasséL. Bourdet et al.  Impact of strain on access resistance in planar and nanowire CMOS devices
2017 IEEE Symposium on VLSI Technology, Jun 2017, Kyoto, Japan. pp.T224-T225, ⟨10.23919/VLSIT.2017.7998180⟩
hal-01048731v1  Journal articles
F. VigneauV. PrudkovkiyI. DucheminW. Escoffi ErP. Caro Ff et al.  Magnetotransport Subband Spectroscopy in InAs Nanowires
Physical Review Letters, American Physical Society, 2014, 112, pp.076801
hal-02325449v1  Journal articles
Damien ConnétableO. Thomas. First-principles study of the structural, electronic, vibrational, and elastic properties of orthorhombic NiSi
Physical Review B : Condensed matter and materials physics, American Physical Society, 2009, 79 (9), ⟨10.1103/PhysRevB.79.094101⟩
hal-00999496v1  Journal articles
Andrea BalocchiJ. RenardC.T. NguyenB. GayralT. Armand et al.  Temperature-insensitive optical alignment of the exciton in nanowire-embedded GaN quantum dots
Physical Review B : Condensed matter and materials physics, American Physical Society, 2011, 84 (23), pp.235310
hal-01850259v1  Book sections
Peter R. WiechaAurelien CucheHoussem KallelGérard Colas Des FrancsAurélie Lecestre et al.  Fano-Resonances in High Index Dielectric Nanowires for Directional Scattering
Herausgeber: Kamenetskii, Eugene, Sadreev, Almas, Miroshnichenko, Andrey (Eds.). Fano Resonances in Optics and Microwaves: Physics and Applications, Springer, pp.283-310, 2018, 978-3-319-99730-8
hal-01736054v1  Journal articles
S. KoffelNikolay CherkashinFlorent HoudellierMartin HÿtchGérard Benassayag et al.  End of range defects in Ge
Journal of Applied Physics, American Institute of Physics, 2009, 105, pp.126110. ⟨10.1063/1.3153985⟩
hal-00257696v1  Conference papers
Henri CamonChristian GanibalN. RapahozM. TrzmielC. Pisella et al.  Solving functional reliability issue for an optical electrostatic switch
DTIP 2007, Apr 2007, Stresa, lago Maggiore, Italy. pp.246-250
hal-01908666v1  Conference papers
Bernard LegrandLucien SchwabPierre AllainIvan FaveroMarc Faucher et al.  MEMS-based atomic force microscopy probes: from electromechanical to optomechanical vibrating sensors
AVS 65th International Symposium & Exhibition, American Vacuum Society, Oct 2018, Long Beach, United States
hal-01719488v1  Conference papers
R. BerthelonF. AndrieuS. OrtollandR. NicolasT. Poiroux et al.  Impact of the design layout on threshold voltage in SiGe channel UTBB-FDSOI pMOSFET
Ultimate Integration on Silicon (EUROSOI-ULIS), 2016 Joint International EUROSOI Workshop and International Conference on, 2016, Unknown, Unknown Region. pp.88-91, ⟨10.1109/ULIS.2016.7440059⟩
hal-02016510v1  Conference papers
Min-Kyu JooMireille MouisBenjamin PiotSylvain BarraudMinju Shin et al.  Low-temperature characterization of Hall and effective mobility in junctionless transistors
2014 11th International Workshop on Low Temperature Electronics (WOLTE), Jul 2014, Grenoble, France. pp.85-88, ⟨10.1109/WOLTE.2014.6881032⟩
hal-02016588v1  Conference papers
F. MazenF. GonzattiF. MadeiraS. RebohC. Deguet et al.  Trapping of implanted hydrogen for ultrathin layer transfer
20TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ION IMPLANTATION TECHNOLOGY (IIT 2014), Jun 2014, Portland, United States. pp.1-4, ⟨10.1109/iit.2014.6940054⟩
hal-01963015v1  Conference papers
Lucien SchwabPierre Etienne AllainL BanniardA FafinMarc Gely et al.  Comprehensive optical losses investigation of VLSI Silicon optomechanical ring resonator sensors
64th International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM 2018), IEEE, Dec 2018, San Francisco, United States
hal-01723006v1  Directions of work or proceedings
Xavier BaillinChristian JoachimGilles Poupon. Nanopackaging: From Nanomaterials to the Atomic Scale
1st International Workshop on Nanopackaging, Jun 2013, Grenoble, France. 7, Springer, 2015, 978-3-319-21194-7. ⟨10.1007/978-3-319-21194-7⟩
hal-00788789v1  Conference papers
Matthieu OspiciDimitri KomatitschJean-François MéhautThierry Deutsch. SGPU 2: a runtime system for using of large applications on clusters of hybrid nodes
Second Workshop on Hybrid Multi-core Computing, held in conjunction with HiPC 2011, 2011, Bangalore, India
hal-01377337v1  Journal articles
Sami MnasriAdrien van den BosscheNejah NasriThierry Val. The 3D Deployment Multi-objective Problem in Mobile WSN: Optimizing Coverage and Localization
International Research Journal of Innovative Engineering - IRJIE, 2015, vol. 1 (n° 5), pp.0
hal-01743621v1  Conference papers
Jean-Christophe CrébierVan-Sang NguyenNicolas RougerXavier SaboretPierre Lefranc et al.  Double chips low side - high side configurable full gate driver circuits for a high speed inverter leg
CIPS 2018 10th International Conference on Integrated Power Electronics Systems, 2018, Mar 2018, Stuttgart, Germany
hal-01736075v1  Conference papers
S. PersonnicA. TauzinK.K. BourdelleF. LetertreN. Kernevez et al.  Time dependence study of hydrogen-induced defects in silicon during thermal anneals
16th International Conference on Ion Implantation Technology (IIT 2006), Jun 2006, Marseille (France), France. pp.65-68, ⟨10.1063/1.2401463⟩