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hal-01394139v1  Journal articles
Mathilde MachinJérémie GuiochetHélène WaeselynckJean-Paul BlanquartMatthieu Roy et al.  SMOF - A Safety MOnitoring Framework for Autonomous Systems
IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics: Systems, IEEE, 2018, 48 (5), pp.702-715. ⟨10.1109/TSMC.2016.2633291⟩
hal-01828716v1  Conference papers
Ankit ChiplunkarElisa BoscoJoseph Morlier. Gaussian Process for Aerodynamic Pressures Prediction in Fast Fluid Structure Interaction Simulations
12th World Congress on Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization, Jun 2017, Braunschweig, Germany. pp.221-233
hal-01828749v1  Conference papers
Ankit ChiplunkarMichele ColomboEmmanuel RachelsonJoseph Morlier. Adding Flight Mechanics to Flight Loads Surrogate Model using Multi-Output Gaussian Processes
17th AIAA/ISSMO Multidisciplinary Analysis and Optimization Conference, AIAA AVIATION Forum, Jun 2016, Washington, United States. pp.1-11
hal-01709008v1  Conference papers
Alexandre AlboreSilvano Dal ZilioMarie de RoquemaurelChristel SeguinPierre Virelizier. Timed Formal Model and Verification of Satellite FDIR in Early Design Phase
9th European Congress on Embedded Real Time Software and Systems (ERTS 2018), Jan 2018, Toulouse, France. 10p
hal-01828724v1  Conference papers
Ankit ChiplunkarJoseph Morlier. Operational Modal Analysis in Frequency Domain using Gaussian Mixture Models
The 35th International Modal Analysis Conference (IMAC XXXV), Jan 2017, Los Angeles, United States. pp.47-53
hal-02042808v1  Conference papers
E. BoscoA. LuchettiS. TrapierF. Di VincenzoN. Gourdain et al.  Wind-tunnel testing for validation of a method for nonlinear fluid/structure interaction using surrogate models
The International Forum on Aeroelasticity and Structural Dynamics (IFASD), 2017, Como, Italy
hal-01840472v1  Conference papers
Ankit ChiplunkarEmmanuel RachelsonMichele ColomboJoseph Morlier. Sparse Physics-based Gaussian Process for Multi-output Regression using Variational Inference
International Conference on Pattern Recognition Applications and Methods, Feb 2016, Rome, Italy. pp.437-445, ⟨10.5220/0005700504370445⟩
hal-01839036v1  Journal articles
C. MartinieP. PalanqueR. FahssiJ.P. BlanquartC. Seguin. Task Model-Based Systematic Analysis of Both System Failures and Human Errors
IEEE Transactions on Human-Machine Systems, IEEE, 2015, 46 (2), pp.243-254
hal-01226232v1  Journal articles
A. RoggeroE. DantrasT. PaulmierC. TononN. Balcon et al.  Electrical behaviour of a silicone elastomer under simulated space environment
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, IOP Publishing, 2015, 48 (13), p. 135302 (10 p.). ⟨10.1088/0022-3727/48/13/135302⟩
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