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hal-02379775v1  Conference papers
Clément ZanolliOttmar KullmerJay KelleyAnne-Marie BaconFabrice Demeter et al.  Reassessment of the hominid diversity in the Early-Middle Pleistocene of Indonesia
Asia Pacific Conference on Human Evolution, Jun 2019, Brisbane, Australia
hal-01928934v1  Conference papers
Xavier SauvageL ThillyFlorence LecouturierAlain GuilletK Hono et al.  Phase transformation in nanostructured materials produced under heavy plastic deformation
Advances in Mechanical Behaviour, Plasticity and Damage, Vols 1 and 2, Proceedings, 2000, Unknown, Unknown Region. pp.847--852
hal-01753261v1  Conference papers
Mohamed SennouneSylvain SalvadorGerald DebenestValeri Mourzenko. Mixing of an oil shale with inert or reactive media to avoid decarbonation at the passage of a combustion front
CURIPC -Canadian unconventional resources and international petroleum conference, Oct 2010, Calgary, Canada. 17 p
hal-02057421v1  Poster communications
L. AmarE. LaurendeauGuilhem MichonS. Prothin. Passive Control of Flutter applied on a 3DOF Airfoil
ICTAM 2016 - Montréal, Canada, 2016, Montréal, Canada
hal-00321699v1  Journal articles
R. El AkouryM. BrazaR. PerrinG. HarranY. Hoarau. The three-dimensional transition in the flow around a rotating cylinder
Journal of Fluid Mechanics, Cambridge University Press (CUP), 2008, 607, pp.1-11
hal-01933351v1  Journal articles
Jérôme BitonSara Khaleghparast AthariAllan ThiolatFrançois SantinonDelphine Lemeiter et al.  In Vivo Expansion of Activated Foxp3 + Regulatory T Cells and Establishment of a Type 2 Immune Response upon IL-33 Treatment Protect against Experimental Arthritis
Journal of Immunology, Publisher : Baltimore : Williams & Wilkins, c1950-. Latest Publisher : Bethesda, MD : American Association of Immunologists, 2016, 197 (5), pp.1708 - 1719. ⟨10.4049/jimmunol.1502124⟩
hal-02050717v1  Journal articles
G. BornetI. ClaudetF. FriesA. SévelyM. Aubé et al.  Cervicofacial angioma and the Kasabach-Merritt syndrome
Neuroradiology, Springer Verlag, 2000, 42 (9), pp.703-706
hal-00290474v1  Journal articles
A. Demartin-ChomelJ.L. FloresA. BouraneJean-Marc ClacensFrançois Figuéras et al.  Calorimetric and FTIR study of the acid properties of sulfated titanias
Journal of Physical Chemistry B, American Chemical Society, 2006, 110, pp.858
hal-00477721v1  Conference papers
G. DebenestValeri MourzenkoJ.-F. Thovert. Three-Dimensional Microscale Numerical Simulation of Smoldering
AICHE 2006 annual Meeting, Nov 2006, San Francisco, United States. pp