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hal-00250156v1  Communication dans un congrès
E. RichardJ.-P. ChaboureauS. ArgenceD. GazenMeso-NH forecasts during COPS. Preliminary results.
7th International SRNWP Workshop on non-hydrostatic modelling., 2007, Bad-Orb, Germany
hal-00200178v1  Communication dans un congrès
V. DespringreDidier Fraix-BurnetFirst millimeter Mapping of the jet and nucleus of M87
Ron D. Ekers, C. Fanti, and L. Padrielli. Extragalactic radio sources, Oct 1995, Bologna, Italy. Kluwer Academic Publishers, 175, pp.175, 1996
hal-00200180v1  Communication dans un congrès
K. BouyoucefDidier Fraix-BurnetS. RoquesInteractive Deconvolution with Error Analysis
R.J. Hanisch and R.L. White. The Restoration of HST Images and Spectra - II, Nov 1993, Baltimore, Maryland, United States. Baltimore: Space Telescope Science Institute, pp.64, 1994
hal-01200643v1  Article dans une revue
Milan OrlitaC. FaugerasA. -L. BarraG. MartinezM. Potemski et al.  Infrared magneto-spectroscopy of two-dimensional and three-dimensional massless fermions: A comparison
Journal of Applied Physics, American Institute of Physics, 2015, 117 (11), pp.112803. <10.1063/1.4913828>
hal-00014949v1  Communication dans un congrès
Jm BrotoElectronic transport under high magnetic field, 6h hours lectures
Summer School on «Magnetic materials under high magnetic field « (ALFA program), 2003, Merida, Venezuela. 2003
hal-00850055v1  Communication dans un congrès
M. AlessandriniA. BasarabH. LiebgottOlivier BernardCardiac motion assessement from echocardiographic image sequences by means of the structure multivector
IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium (IUS) 2013, Jul 2013, Prague, Czech Republic. IEEE, pp.1541 - 1544, 2013, <10.1109/ULTSYM.2013.0392>
hal-00014958v1  Communication dans un congrès
J.M. BrotoPossibilités expérimentales au LNCMP
Etude des propriétés électroniques de nanotubes de carbone individuels sous champ magnétique intense, 2003, Paris, France. 2003
hal-00014962v1  Communication dans un congrès
M. N. BaibichE. SnoeckB. RaquetA. B. AntunesJ. M. BrotoGiant magnetoresistance in half-metallic terbium
ICMFS 18th International Colloquium of Magnetic Films and Surfaces, 2003, Madrid, Spain. 2003
inria-00600208v1  Communication dans un congrès
Zainab AssaghirMehdi KaytoueHenri PradeA Possibility Theory-Oriented Discussion of Conceptual Pattern Structures
Amol Deshpande and Anthony Hunter. Scalable Uncertainty Management, Sep 2010, Toulouse, France. Springer, 6379, pp.70-83, 2010, Lecture Notes in Computer Science; Scalable Uncertainty Management - 4th International Conference. Proceedings. <>
inria-00600215v1  Communication dans un congrès
Zainab AssaghirMehdi KaytoueAmedeo NapoliHenri PradeManaging Information Fusion with Formal Concept Analysis
Vicenç Torra and Yasuo Narukawa and Marc Daumas. Modeling Decisions for Artificial Intelligence - 7th International Conference, Oct 2010, Perpignan, France. Springer, 6408, pp.104-115, 2010, Lecture Notes in Computer Science; Modeling Decisions for Artificial Intelligence - 7th International Conference. Proceedings. <>. <10.1007/978-3-642-16292-3>
hal-00014959v1  Communication dans un congrès
J.M. BrotoPropriétés de transport électronique de cnt individuels, résultats expérimentaux sous champs magnétiques intenses
Journée Thématique,CNES Nanotubes de Carbone de la curiosité de laboratoire aux applications spatiales, 2003, Toulouse, France. 2003
hal-00200152v1  Communication dans un congrès
Didier Fraix-BurnetV. DespringreAlain BaudryEVN+MERLIN Observations of 3C 66B and a Two-Fluid Model for VLBI Jets
J.A. Zensus, G.B. Taylor, & J.M. Wrobel,. Radio Emission from Galactic and Extragalactic Compact Sources, IAU Colloquium 164, Apr 1997, Socorro, New Mexico, United States. 144, pp.59, 1998
hal-00450158v1  Article dans une revue
Karine Délécouls-ServatAlain BergelRégine BasséguyMembrane electrochemical reactors (MER) for NADH regeneration in HLADH-catalysed synthesis: comparison of effectiveness
Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering, Springer Verlag, 2004, Vol. 26 ., 205-215 available on :
hal-00200188v1  Communication dans un congrès
Didier Fraix-BurnetOptical synchrotron emission and turbulences in extragalactic jets.
J. Roland, H. Sol, G. Pelletier. 7. IAP Meeting: Extragalactic radio sources - from beams to jets., Jul 1991, Paris, France. Cambridge University Press, pp.322, 1992, ISBN: 0-521-41602-7
hal-00450157v1  Article dans une revue
S. Da SilvaRégine BasséguyAlain BergelElectrochemical deprotonation of phosphate on stainless steel
Electrochimica Acta, Elsevier, 2004, vol.49 n°26., 4553-4561 available on :
hal-00200200v1  Communication dans un congrès
Didier Fraix-BurnetF. MacchettoW. B. SparksExtended Halpha Filaments in Elliptical Galaxies
G. Longo, M. Capaccioli, and G. Busarello. Morphological and Physical Classification of Galaxies, Sep 1990, Sant'Agata Sui Due Golfi, Italy. Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 178, pp.395, 1992
hal-00200204v1  Communication dans un congrès
W. B. SparksF. MacchettoDidier Fraix-BurnetR. BenderM. Capaccioli et al.  Nuclear Dust-Discs in Radio Ellipticals
G. Longo, M. Capaccioli, and G. Busarello. Morphological and Physical Classification of Galaxies, Sep 1990, Sant'Agata Sui Due Golfi, Italy. Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 178, pp.393, 1992
hal-01000183v1  Article dans une revue
Pierre-Henri ChavanisDynamical and thermodynamical stability of two-dimensional flows: variational principles and relaxation equations
European Physical Journal B: Condensed Matter and Complex Systems, EDP Sciences, 2009, 70 (1), pp.73-105. <10.1140/epjb/e2009-00196-1>
hal-00650224v1  Communication dans un congrès
Hussein YahiaJ. SudreV. GarçonClaire PottierHigh-resolution ocean dynamics from microcanonical formulations in non linear complex signal analysis
AGU FALL MEETING, Dec 2011, San Francisco, United States. 2011
hal-01000034v1  Article dans une revue
Thomas PortetRumiana DimovaDavid DeanMarie-Pierre RolsElectric Fields and Giant Vesicles
Biophysical Journal, Biophysical Society, 2010, 98 (3), pp.77A-77A
hal-00014955v1  Communication dans un congrès
M. N. BaibichE. SnoeckB. RaquetA. B. AntunesJ. M. BrotoGiant magnetoresistance in terbium films
International Conference on Magnetism, 2003, Rome, Italy. 2003
halshs-01100082v1  Chapitre d'ouvrage
Julien BertrandUne sociologie dispositionnaliste de l’apprentissage au football professionnel
Sociologie du sport : débats et critiques, L'Harmattan, pp.101-110, 2006
hal-01000073v1  Communication dans un congrès
Catherine MariojoulsMuriel Mambrini-DoudetJean-Stephane JolyFrédéric SohmSandrine Barrey et al.  A multidisciplinary approach for anticipating the presence of Genetically Modified Fish in France
13. French-Japanese Oceanography Symposium, Sep 2008, Marseille, France. Springer - Verlag, pp.19-23, 2011, <10.1007/978-90-481-8630-3_3>
hal-01000112v1  Article dans une revue
Jalal SarabadaniAli NajiDavid DeanRon R. HorganRudolf PodgornikNonmonotoic fluctuation-induced interactions between dielectric slabs carrying charge disorder
Journal of Chemical Physics, American Institute of Physics, 2010, 133 (17), pp.174702. <10.1063/1.3497039>